Tag: What should I do if my face is greasy?

What should I do if my face is greasy?

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What is the harm of skin oil? 1, affecting the appearance Many girls who went to the dermatology clinic for help reported that their own face was so indecent and untidy. This is an important point that most people are eager to change. 2, large pores The pores are thick and the skin is not delicate and uneven, which makes the girls feel dissatisfied and lack confidence in their skin. 3, pore blockage The pores of the skin with a lot of oil will be naturally larger, and the sebaceous glands will be more fat. Exuberant oil secreted by the sebaceous glands will absorb more dust and dirt than normal skin. If the cleaning is not timely, it will cause blockage and pores to further expand. Once blocked, problems such as hemorrhoids follow. (more…)