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What are the skin care products for oily skin pores? 7 small tricks to solve skin problems

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What kind of skin care products are used for oily skin pores? What is oily skin? After washing your face, nothing is applied. After 15 minutes, the face feels a little tight. After 1 hour, you can use the oil-absorbing paper to absorb the oil. This is Typical characteristics of oily skin. 1: Abandon alkaline foaming cleanser and use cleanser In order to deal with oil, summer oily skin people often love to wash their face with cleansing facial soap or facial cleanser. However, in fact, the strong foam cleanser will take away the water and sebum on the face, so it is best to use a non-foaming, milder facial cleanser to wash your face. The water temperature is preferably around 20 °C. Overheating will cause the sebum to lose water, too cold and can not be cleaned. (more…)