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Sensitive Skin Care Four Elements

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Skin-sensitive friends are always very sad, and their faces are red. In fact, as long as they do daily skin care work, sensitive muscles can also be treated with obedience. Let's take a look at it. How do sensitive muscles perform daily care? 1. Anti-allergic skin care products can not be less For the skin that belongs to a particular skin, be sure to avoid the problem that the stratum corneum is too thin. Consider using anti-allergic skin care products. This skin care product is very effective and easy to help solve the problem. After washing your face, it is good to choose skin care products with anti-inflammatory effect. It is best not to use the foundation for women with thin cuticles. Because it is easy to use the outside dust, choose a good cream to avoid allergies. . ...

3 Methods for Sensitive Skin Care Tips

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Many women or men have the skin situations of less sebum, dry, lack luster, easy to produce wrinkles and so on. This kind of skin is mostly dry skin. The main reason for dry skin is that the secretion of sebaceous glands and the reduction of natural moisturizing factors in keratinocytes lead to low water content in the cuticle. Appearance of the surface skin manifestation is the tiny wrinkles emerge in endlessly, lack luster of the skin, dry desquamation, easy to produce pigmentation, dermatitis and other skin lesions. At the same time the skin is vulnerable. It is more sensitive to outside stimuli and easy to appear aging phenomenon. (more…)