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How To Treat Sensitive Skin In Dry Winter

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Winter is the season that skin get dry,and became sensitive,how to treat it? Feeling skin does not equal skin allergies Maybe because there is a "min" word, allergies and sensitivity, sometimes confused, but in fact they are not the same concept. Let's take a look at the difference between skin sensitivity and allergies! sensitive skin Sensitivity is a state of the skin, which means that the skin is very fragile and susceptible to various stimuli. It is a highly intolerant irritating response. The performance is as follows: the skin is thin, fragile, and the capillaries are exposed. The temperature difference between hot and cold is prone to redness, which is uneven and flushing. A small red rash occurs due to seasonal and maintenance factors. When it is sensitiv...

Air Pollution And Exogenous Skin Aging

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Human beings and the environment are an inseparable whole. As the outermost organ of the human body, the skin directly contacts the external environment and is constantly challenged and invaded by environmental exposure factors. Therefore, skin aging is closely related to environmental exposure. Skin aging includes exogenous skin aging and endogenous skin aging. Endogenous aging is genetically unchangeable. As the age increases, it will inevitably cause changes in the skin. It mainly causes loss of skin functions. Skin aging due to environmental factors is referred to as "exogenous skin aging." Exogenous skin aging can affect people's appearance, skin changes related to beauty, such as: dry skin, rough, thick and deep wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, elastic tissue degeneration, etc. are ...

Try These Methods To Repair Sensitive Skin Caused By Too Thin Cuticles

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Speaking of the stratum corneum of the skin, it is too thick to make our skin look dull, but it is too thin and not good. The sensitive skin is mostly caused by the too thin cuticle. We can go to the thick cuticle. Horny, but the cuticle is too thin, how do we fix it? These tips for repairing the stratum corneum, you may wish to give it a try. 1. The skin is clean and suitable If you always feel that your face is not clean and the intensity of cleaning is increased, then your skin cuticle will be thinner. Therefore, it is necessary to give the stratum corneum a repair time when you clean your face. Appropriately, cleansing products should be mild, soaps and the like must not be used, otherwise, the stratum corneum repair can not be carried out, dry skin, itchy skin and other issues,...

What are the symptoms of cosmetic allergies?

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Nowadays, various new cosmetics and skin care products are emerging one after another. Many sisters will buy and buy them, but some cosmetics may cause allergies because of chemical ingredients. In addition, some men usually don’t have skin care and makeup, and occasionally use some. The product may also cause allergies. So what are the common symptoms of cosmetic allergies? Redness and swelling: Facial redness and swelling is a common symptom of facial cosmetic allergy. Some people with allergies have severe redness and swelling on their face. Please be careful not to continue using cosmetics. (more…)

What Skin Care Products Are Used For Sensitive Skin?

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There are many kinds of skin care products. In terms of product selection, it is necessary to be divided into three types according to the needs of the skin, such as dry age, oily and mixed, depending on the age of the individual. Sensitive skin is also very common. Choosing mistakes can cause skin injury. . The main feature of sensitive skin is red blood, cheeks are prone to redness and heat, and the skin is more susceptible to external irritation and injury. (more…)

Sensitive Skin’s Level of Cognitive needs Promotion

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Sensitive skin refers to a highly reactive state of the skin under physiological or pathological conditions, mainly occurring on the face. The incidence rate of it is high in all countries around the world, and the incidence rate reported by each country is quite different. Its occurrence reason is complex, occurrence mechanism is not complete clear, easy relapse, and serious influence patient life quality. The diagnosis of sensitive skin is characterized by subjective symptoms such as burning, stinging, itching and tightness, rather than objective signs. In the past, the concept of sensitive skin was unclear, misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis was common. And the treatment was unreasonable. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the cognitive of sensitive skin. (more…)

What is sensitive skin? And how Sensitive skin care treatment?

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What is sensitive skin? Sensitive skin care treatment The sensitive skin shallow stratum corneum often cannot hold enough moisture. Whether it is in the air-conditioned room in the summer or in the dry climate in winter, the person with this skin will feel the skin more sensitively than the average person. Water shortage, dryness, etc. How to determine if you are sensitive skin or not? What should I do with sensitive skin problems? Sensitive skin features 1. The epidermis is thin, delicate and fair, with low sebum secretion, relatively dry, clear micro-vessels, dry skin function, diminished ability of the stratum corneum to retain moisture, and incomplete formation of sebum film on the skin surface. (more…)

What’s The Best Face Products For Sensitive Skin?

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“Sensitive skin often shows redness, fever, itching,especially when changing seasons, can not adapt to the external environment,there are a variety of unwell reactions, many skin care products can not be used.So what are the causes of skin allergies? How to improve skin allergies? The cause of skin sensitivity: Because many people have too thin a cuticle, the skin does not have enough moisture, and the dryness causes the barrier function of the skin to be weak and unable to withstand external stimuli. When the nerve fibers of the skin are stimulated by the outside, they are often overly excited and cause allergies such as redness. (more…)

Sensitive Skin Consensus of Famous Experts in China

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Sensitive skin refers to a high reaction state skin under the situation of physiological or pathological conditions. It mainly happens on the face. Its clinical manifestation is that when stimulated by physical, chemical, mental and other factors, the skin is vulnerable to subjective symptoms such as scorching, tingling, itching and tension. Accompanied or not with erythema, scales, capillary dilatation and other objective signs. There is a high incidence of sensitive skin in all countries in the world. Due to the different survey methods, the incidence rate of reported skin varies greatly from 25.4% to 89.9% in Europe and about 50% in Australia. The incidence rate is generally higher in women than in men. (more…)

3 Methods for Sensitive Skin Care Tips

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Many women or men have the skin situations of less sebum, dry, lack luster, easy to produce wrinkles and so on. This kind of skin is mostly dry skin. The main reason for dry skin is that the secretion of sebaceous glands and the reduction of natural moisturizing factors in keratinocytes lead to low water content in the cuticle. Appearance of the surface skin manifestation is the tiny wrinkles emerge in endlessly, lack luster of the skin, dry desquamation, easy to produce pigmentation, dermatitis and other skin lesions. At the same time the skin is vulnerable. It is more sensitive to outside stimuli and easy to appear aging phenomenon. (more…)