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How to prevent eye wrinkles and how eye wrinkles are formed

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Skin care around the eyes is very important to us. If you don't do maintenance in advance, it will make your age look older. How to prevent eye wrinkles? How is eye wrinkles formed? Let's take a look! How to prevent eye wrinkles Want to prevent eye wrinkles, usually eye care can not be done less, the following small series will take everyone to see the specific method! Method 1: Eye Massage The skin around the eyes is delicate. If wrinkles appear, it means there is a tendency to aging. This time should be relieved by massage. There are many types of eye massage. The most common one is to introduce the following: close your eyes, bend your index finger, then place the curved index finger on the inside of the eye, and then slide it outward. This helps speed up blood circulation. (more&he...