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5 truths that are not known to pure natural plant skin care products

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Can pregnant women or breastfeeding really use these natural and pure plant skin care products? Through this article, we will answer them in detail. Truth 1: "Natural", "Pure Plant" skin care products are more likely to cause allergies "Natural" and "pure plant" skin care products are more likely to cause allergies. Why do you say this? Because most of the causes of irritation and allergic reactions are substances that exist in nature, such as animal protein, aloe vera juice, Strawberries, cocoa, etc. Therefore, including homemade skin care products that use raw materials such as milk, egg white, honey, pearls, etc., may irritate the skin and cause allergies. Even if you are not allergic, the effects of these natural skin care products may not be as good as you might think. (more&...