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The order of use of basic skin care products

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Some things will not change, remember this one theme: the texture of skin care products from thin to strong use is right. When you don't understand it, look at the ingredients of the skin care product. The water quality is preferred over the cream quality, and the oil quality is usually used in the end. Why? Because the creamy oily product will form a protective film on the skin surface after use, on the one hand, it will prevent the loss of nutrients, and on the other hand, it will block the outside. First coated with such skin care products, then the smaller molecules of the makeup water, the essence is also blocked, it is difficult to be absorbed by the skin, let alone play a role Skin care process: 1. Clean - 2. Make up water - 3. Muscle bottom liquid - 4. Eye cream - 5. Essence ...

What is the correct order of use of various skin care products?

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The order of use of skin care products 1, cleanser or facial cleanser Cleaning is always the first step in skin care. Don't underestimate cleanliness. It is not important to clean. Our skin suffers from pollution and radiation for a day, so that too much dirt accumulates on your skin. If it is not completely clean, the skin will slowly It will become dry and rough, and without getting the dirt away, the pores will become bigger and bigger. The correct cleansing steps: moisten the face with warm water, take a proper amount of cleansing products in your hands, and use your hands to remove the rich foam; place the cleansing foam on the face, especially the T-shaped parts that are easy to get oil. The face is directly rubbed, but the foam is massaged on the skin; the entire face is circl...