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What is the makeup step for boys?

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What is the makeup step for boys? Cleansing: Now men will also use facial cleanser, remember that you can no longer use soap. Soap is alkaline and will destroy the acid-base balance of the skin. Shaving: Needless to say, what men do every day. Unless you have the habit of storing it, you should keep your face fresh and clean. Replenish the skin with water lotion suitable for your skin. Then apply insulation to isolate dust and oil. (more…)

Skin care steps before makeup

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Skin care steps before makeup First, clean the skin It is always inevitable that there are some dirty things on the skin, such as dust, grease or skin metabolism. Say the skin is clean and clean. In order to better absorb the subsequent skin care products! Second, adequate hydration After washing your face, wipe it with a cotton pad and apply water to create a hydrating environment and adjust the skin condition. (more…)

What do you need for a novice makeup correct makeup step?

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Novice learning make-up from the light makeup to master the correct steps of makeup There are many people in modern women who are masters of makeup, but the one who does not make up is still there. What do you need to learn to make up? How to make your makeup beautiful and generous? Let us start by painting light makeup, let's take a look at the correct steps for novices to learn to paint. I believe that after mastering these steps, you will definitely turn yourself into a woman who exudes natural charm. (more…)