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What makeup is the most attractive for men?

Beauty Makeup
Women's make-up is for their own beauty, but more is to attract the attention of men. What kind of makeup can make people shine? Beautiful makeup is inseparable from these points. What kind of makeup do men like to make? Is it a heavy makeup or a little powder? In this regard, the researchers showed women's photos of various makeups in front of male subjects, and then used computer models to simulate the way the human brain visual cortex processes information, trying to find the secret of attraction. It turned out that men prefer women who are "simple" compared to heavy makeup. (more…)

Draw fresh and fresh makeup in a few minutes

Beauty Makeup
Quick Makeup Steps Tutorial In order to improve efficiency, it is no nonsense, go directly to today's makeup tutorial~ Step 1: Basic maintenance Facial cleanser - toner - lotion. Choose a product that suits your skin type~ This step is mainly to make the skin clean, moisturized and relaxed. It is best to remember to apply a mask before going to bed the night before, so that it stays in the best condition! (more…)