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What should I do if my lips are cracked and peeled?

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Dryness in autumn and winter, people's lips are also prone to cracking and peeling. Dry and peeling lips not only affects the personal image, but also makes people feel uncomfortable. Learn these tricks and stay away from your lips. Don't want to be worse, don't do two things 1. It is best not to lick your lips! When the lips are very dry, many people will habitually lick their lips or wet their lips with saliva. As everyone knows, this can easily lead to inflammation of the lips or irritating dermatitis. Because the water from the tongue licking the lips will evaporate, the evaporation will take away the already tight water, and the lips will feel drier. The more dry and sputum, the more dry the vicious circle, the skin of the corners of the mouth will become rough. (more…)