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What Skin Diseases Can Laser Treatment Be Used For?

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Laser beauty and pigmented skin diseases (freckles, moles, brown cyan) treatment? Perfect skin can often add points to a person's overall image, but each person is more or less troubled by some facial skin problems: skin Aging, pigmentation, hemorrhoids, red blood, large pores... Laser beauty brings more surprises to the treatment of pigmented diseases.     In the 1990s, laser treatment made a big breakthrough and proposed the principle of selective photothermal action. For example, when removing vascular lesions, hemoglobin can absorb laser light of a specific wavelength while giving cooling protection, so that the epidermis is not damaged, and vascular lesions can be removed. With the same principle, it is also possible to select a specific wavelength laser t...

Laser treatment and skin barrier

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Skin is the body’s largest organ covering the entire body surface and playing an important role as a barrier. The stratum corneum of the skin located at the outermost layer of the epidermis was once thought to be a structure formed by useless dead cells. However, recent studies have found that keratinocytes and their extracellular components are closely linked to each other, providing a barrier for penetration. The skin barrier is often compared to the “brick wall” structure. The keratinocytes are like the “bricks” of the wall, while the lipids between the cells are like the “mortar” of the wall. It connects the keratinocytes tightly, making the skin barrier normal, ensuring neither losing moisture nor being invaded by the outside world.Besides, there is a layer of hydro-lipid film, which,