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How to use skin lotion is correct?

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How is the lotion used? Emulsion is a very important step in our skin care. It seems that everyone will apply lotion, but you should pay attention to the method of applying lotion. How is the lotion used? If you use it incorrectly, it will greatly reduce the effect. 1. The order of smearing is first and foremost. When using lotion, be careful not to paste your face all at once, but to see where the skin is the driest, first apply it there. If you don't have the habit of using eye cream, then the first thing you need to apply is the skin around your eyes, but it's best to buy a special eye cream to apply to the skin of your eyes. Then apply the cheeks and other parts. After all these parts have been applied, apply a full face to moisturize your dry skin. 2. Use the power of the fingertip...