Tag: How do women quickly learn to make up?

How do women quickly learn to make up?

Beauty Makeup
Simple makeup quick learning This makeup is very simple, the choice of eye shadow is neutral and purple, with slim eyeliner, natural thick eyelashes, the eyes are very beautiful; the makeup is clear and clean, the best when choosing the foundation It’s more to read more relevant comments, which is best for you. Simple makeup quick learning Step 1: The first part is the makeup part. The base makeup should be clear and natural, with a slight luster. The model chooses the water foundation of Estee Lauder and pushes it with a sponge. Step 2: Brow makeup is also very important, eyebrow makeup can not be too aggressive, it is best to choose a slightly curved willow eyebrows. The popular flat eyebrows are not suitable for all people. (more…)