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Precautions and methods for preventing fine lines on the eyes

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Precautions and methods for preventing fine lines on the eyes Wearing the wrong glasses - fine lines around the eyes When the eyesight is not good but the glasses are not worn, in order to see things clearly, the eyes often unconsciously pick up, and even more, the blink of an eye also has frowning movements. For myopia, this is almost accustomed, but it is easy to be weak. The skin around the eyes, especially the lower eyelids, causes vertical fine lines. What to do - choose a suitable pair of glasses, at least when using a computer, watching a movie or television, or reading this type of eye. (more…)

How to do the best for the eye to fine lines

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How to do fine lines in the eye, teach you the eye care trilogy First, cold water and hot eyes, gentle massage is also very effective The 25-year-old woman's face is very easy to get old, the blood circulation in the eye is slowly getting worse, and the skin around the eye is also slow to absorb nutrients. At this time, you can use daily maintenance procedures and alternate with hot and cold towels. Applying it to the eyes can not only calm the mind, but also improve the poor circulation around the eyes. At the same time, you can also use the professional wrinkle-free beauty of the apple stem cells to gently massage the fingertips to activate the lymphatic system around the eyes. Second, make the eye circulation more smooth and better absorb nutrients. (more…)