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Why do you have long fat granules and teach you how to properly eliminate fat granules?

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When you don't pay attention to conditioning in your life, you will find a lot of fat granules in your eyes. You will be particularly worried after the fat granules appear. I don't know the cause of fat granules. I don't know what to do. In fact, don't worry too much when there are fat particles in the eye. The fat granule is a white pimple that grows on the skin. It is about the size of a needle. It looks like a small white sesame. It usually happens on the face, especially It is around the eyes of women. Here are some ways to eliminate fat granules and keep you away from it. (more…)

How to remove the fat particles in the eye, teach you 6 practical little tricks

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Eyes of the fat grain seem to affect the appearance of beauty, the little friends must be very curious about how to remove the fat particles. The following small series will organize some precautions on how to prevent the formation of fat granules in daily life, as well as ways to eliminate the fat particles in the eyes. Interested friends may wish to take a look. First, how to prevent fat in the eye 1. Nowadays, most people will be exposed to computers in their work and life, and the radiation of the computer will cause the skin to lose moisture, and at the same time become thick and shiny. And the computer will absorb dust and fine particles in the air. These greasy ingredients and small particles slowly form fat particles once they clog the pores. The closer the distance to the co...