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A Few Tricks To Solve The Dark Yellow Skin

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"Huangyingpo" is the biggest insult to a beautiful woman, but sometimes, the skin is dark and yellow, in fact, it is yellow face. If you don't want to bear this humiliation, then you have to get rid of the dark yellow skin. It needs your daily conditioning. You need to be patient and insist on it. For your own beauty, why not fight it. 1. Pay attention to sun protection in autumn The dark yellow of the skin is actually the deposition of some melanin in the skin. This is mainly the ghost of ultraviolet rays. If you go out and pay attention to sunscreen, then the ultraviolet light is the most easy to let the pigments sink on your face. For a long time, your skin looks It is dark gray. Don't think that the autumn sun is not poisonous, you don't need sun protection...

How to adjust the dark yellow skin, how to do dark yellow skin

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There is such a saying in life that "a white cover is ugly", although most of the time it is just a ridiculous word, but in fact, if a person is fair and shiny, then the overall image will add a lot of points, the opposite skin is dark Huang has nothing to do with even the problem of large pores. It must be very affecting the image. How to adjust the dark yellow skin? What about the dark yellow skin? Let's take a closer look! (more…)