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How to get rid of blackheads quickly?

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For most women, the blackheads on the nose of a strawberry are never a threat. Hormonal changes, skin products, smoking and drinking, and makeup sleep are common causes of blackheads. If you love sweets and fried foods, it is easy to produce acne and affect your skin. First, the common cause of strawberry nose Common causes of strawberry nose 1. Changes in hormones The body's hormones can cause blackheads. Dihydrotestosterone is a hormone that triggers oil gland activity. When the body's ketone hormone levels are higher than estrogen, the oil glands work more, and about one-third of women have blackheads. (more…)

Is it useful to use rice for blackheads?

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Blackheads are a kind of thing that everyone is more helpless. It is said that rice can go to blackheads. Is it useful to use rice to blackheads? How long does it take for rice to go to the blackhead? Is it useful to use rice to blackheads? 1, the use of rice to blackheads in general, the effect is good, but it needs to be carried out for a long time, and with fine pores, the practice is to squeeze a small group of steamed rice on the face every time, and then wash your face. 2, I also heard people say, it is said that there is a 60-year-old grandmother, never do cosmetic skin care products, but the skin has always been very good, so many MM are envious of death. And what she did was just steamed rice that was often soft on her face. In the end, this is true or false, and I really can’t