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Bedtime beauty skin care tips

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Bedtime beauty skin care tips Women's skin often has a series of skin problems, the skin is tight, dry, peeling, and even fine lines. It is often important to adjust your physiology during sleep at night, and skin care before going to bed is extraordinarily important! Before going to bed, beauty and skin care tips 1: vinegar beauty Vinegar is a daily necessities for every family, and it also has a certain cosmetic effect. If you have the conditions, MM is best to take a warm vinegar bath before going to bed, just add a little vinegar in the bath water, it will make you feel extra comfortable after bathing, refreshing body and mind. In addition, in the bath, you can also mix the vinegar and glycerin in a 5:1 mixture to wipe the face, often rubbing, can make the rough skin become delicate...

Beauty and skin care tips, what is acne?

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Clinical manifestation Men and women who develop in adolescence are slightly more male than female, but women are older than men. 80-90% of adolescents have acne, which tends to naturally diminish or heal after puberty, and individual patients can be extended to over 30 years of age. Although acne is a disease with self-healing tendency, the acne itself and the scar caused by the treatment of acne can seriously affect the quality of life of the patient, causing mental stress and economic burden of the patient, which needs attention. Hemorrhoids occur on the cheeks, forehead, cheeks, and nasolabial folds, followed by the chest, back, and shoulders. Acne lesions generally have no symptoms, and inflammation can be accompanied by pain (more…)