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Basic steps for skin care products

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1. Cleansing choice: dry skin is best to choose emulsion, mixed skin and oily skin should choose foamy and delicate mousse type cleansing products to deepen the pores. Usage: Emulsion-like foam-free type, first wipe the face with warm water, so that the pores open, wash your face evenly with facial cleanser, massage the face. Then wash it with warm water, and pay special attention to whether the facial cleanser has not been washed away. Finally, use cold water to pat the face, tighten the pores, and wipe off the water with a towel. It has the same foamy appearance as before. It is very important to put the facial cleanser on your hand first, make it foamy, and then put your face on the face. This is very important, otherwise it will waste the facial cleanser and it will not be expected....