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Nine recommended antioxidant foods recommended by the UN

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1, grapes One of the most recognized antioxidants for anti-aging is polyphenols, which are rich in polyphenols and several times more abundant than other fruits. In addition, the grapes contain antioxidants such as anthocyanins and linoleic acid. There are also certain vitamin C, these are anti-oxidation products, long-term use can whiten wrinkles, delay aging. 2, tomato The lycopene contained in tomato has strong antioxidant activity. It not only prevents free radical damage to the skin, but also contains a variety of minerals. One tomato per day can both detoxify and wrinkle. (more…)

What are the antioxidant foods?

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Oatmeal contains riboflavin, thiamine and other ingredients, which can be said to be the best antioxidant food in coarse grains. Oatmeal can help the body's metabolism, accelerate the synthesis of amino acids, increase cell viability, and achieve antioxidant effects. Blueberry is rich in vitamin A and carotene. These two substances can be said to be very good antioxidants. Blueberry enters the human body to eliminate free radicals, increase cell vitality, make skin beautiful and shiny, and it contains water-soluble fiber. It can also lower blood fat. Green tea is rich in tea polyphenols. It is a pure natural antioxidant. After entering the body, it greatly enhances the activity of SOD, thereby achieving anti-oxidation. It can also help fat metabolism in the body and achieve slimming. (mo...