Why is There A Lip Herpes?How To Treat it?

I believe that many people will always have lip herpes several times a year. Although it is a small problem, it affects the appearance. So why do you have long lip herpes? How to treat it better?
Herpes simplex is a viral skin disease caused by human herpes simplex virus infection. It usually occurs on the face, especially the lips, mouth and nose. The typical damage is the size of miliary to mung bean clustered on the basis of erythema. Blister, thin wall, clear content, hot and itchy. After breaking, it forms a superficial erosion surface or a pale yellow sputum, which can leave temporary pigmentation.
Why is There A Lip Herpes and How To Treat it

1.Why is there a lip herpes?

If the herpes is on the lips, most of the time it is caused by herpes simplex virus infection, the virus only exists in the vesicular blister fluid, saliva and feces of infected, recovered or asymptomatic carriers. Usually appears 1 week after exposure to the virus, manifesting as clustered blisters on the surface of the skin and mucous membranes;
Some people may have a stinging or burning sensation in the first 1-2 days of blistering. In most cases, herpes will heal within about 2 weeks without leaving scars.
However, this virus is prone to recurrence because the virus is permanently lurking in the human body after infection. Most of the time it is quiet and does not attack, but if there is a factor that triggers its onset, it will cause the above course to occur again.

2.Lip herpes predisposing factors

The factors that can trigger the onset of the virus are mainly environmental and physiological factors, such as sun exposure, rain, eating spicy food, menstrual cycle, stress, fatigue and fever.

3.How to treat lip herpes is better

Most cold sores do not require any treatment and usually heal within 2 weeks, but some ointments can help relieve symptoms, shorten the course of the disease, prevent infection, and prevent recurrence.
The prescription drug acyclovir can treat all the herpes strains. You can use valacyclovir when the first signs of cold sores (such as tingling, itchy skin or redness) occur. It can also be comprehensive in cold sores. Acyclovir was used before the outbreak. Or oral vitamin C, vitamin B2 or complex vitamin B. If only one or two small blisters appear, it usually takes only a few days to disappear. However, if you do not use the medicine, it may become a scar of ulcers, and it takes 2 weeks to resolve.
Open ulcers are caused by extreme infections. It is recommended not to touch it as much as possible. If you encounter it, do not touch anyone. In other words, don’t kiss and blowjob before the herpes disappears, and don’t share a towel, toothbrush or cup. Also don’t touch herpes and rub your eyes, nose or external genitals, because herpes is easily transmitted to other mucous membranes.