Best Skincare Tips For Medical Skin Beauty (Dermatologist MUST See)

Dermatologists face many patients every day and come across a variety of skin problems.
Sensitive skin, dry skin, and rosacea can affect people’s lives, so if you want to solve these problems, the following articles and methods can help you.

1. Sensitive Skin Medical Beauty Skincare

Sensitive skin is a problematic skin that may have sensitive skin in any skin. Just like all kinds of skin types may have aging skin, acne skin and so on.
It is well known that the pathological change of sensitive skin is that the stratum corneum becomes thinner and the red network of the face appears after congestion of the subcutaneous capillaries.

sensitive skin medical beauty skincare

Sensitive skin generally has the following skin characteristics:
a. It seems that the skin is thin, easy to be allergic, and the red blood on the face is obvious (expanded capillaries).
b. The skin is prone to redness. Generally, the temperature changes, it is too cold or too hot, and the skin is prone to redness and fever.
c. It is easy to be affected by environmental factors, seasonal changes and facial care products. It is usually attributed to genetic factors, but it is more likely to be sensitive skin due to the use of hormonal cosmetics, and may be accompanied by skin sensitivity.

What you Must see first: 
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So,what to do with sensitive skin?
Dermatologist must see:
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2.Acne and Scar Medical Beauty Skincare

Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin disease of the hair follicle sebaceous gland. It is mainly caused by adolescents. It has a great psychological and social impact on adolescents, but it can naturally reduce or heal after puberty. The clinical manifestations are characterized by pleomorphic lesions such as acne, papules, pustules, and nodules that occur on the face.
Acne and Scar Medical Beauty Skincare
The cause of acne:
The occurrence of acne is mainly related to factors such as excessive sebum secretion, clogging of hair follicle sebaceous gland ducts, bacterial infection and inflammatory reaction. After entering puberty, the levels of androgens, especially testosterone, increase rapidly, promoting the development of sebaceous glands and producing a large amount of sebum. At the same time, the abnormal keratinization of the hair follicle sebaceous gland duct causes the catheter to be blocked, and the sebum is discharged, forming a horny plug, that is, micro-acne. A variety of microorganisms in hair follicles, especially Propionibacterium acnes, multiply, and the lipase produced by Propionibacterium acnes decomposes sebum to form free fatty acids, and simultaneously oxidizes inflammatory cells and mediators, eventually inducing and aggravating the inflammatory response.

What you must see first:
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So,what to do with acne and scar?
Dermatologist must see:
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3.Other Skin problem

Dermatologist must see:
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