Can All Psoriasis Patients Be Phototherapy?

The sun is a treasure given by the universe to human beings. In addition to providing light and energy for our life, people have noticed from a long time that the exposure of sunlight is beneficial to health and even can cure diseases. Ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun is a major component of the treatment.
More than 100 years ago, niels lobelie finsen of Denmark first used artificial ultraviolet light therapy to treat skin diseases. Later, he won the Nobel Prize in medicine and physiology in 1903 for his pioneering contributions in this field.
Now, more and more patients with psoriasis have noticed the relationship between sunbathing and psoriasis.
Psoriasis patients, generally show the winter heavy summer light pathogenesis, which has a great deal to do with summer sunshine. In recent years, more and more northern people joined the winter to hainan winter army, and there are many psoriasis patients.
After all, going to the seaside is the choice of a few people with money and time, and the time and intensity of light are difficult to grasp. What should we do for other patients if they need light?
In fact, in the hospital has long been a professional instrument for the light treatment of psoriasis patients, under the guidance of professional doctors, can accurately grasp the intensity, time and frequency of light, and timely monitoring the emergence of adverse reactions, and is very economical, convenient, is absolutely the Gospel of psoriasis patients.
In many years of development, broad-spectrum ultraviolet (wavelength 280-320nm) is the first application in the treatment of psoriasis. Systemic irradiation was treated with 311 narrow-spectrum UVB light therapy instrument, and local irradiation was treated with Hiram UV308nm excimer light.
Is light therapy safe? Are there any side effects?
Ultraviolet ray is the natural component in sunshine, and the ultraviolet ray of narrow spectrum that we use irradiates skin only, do not involve subcutaneous tissue and deeper viscera, resemble bask in the action is similar. Especially for pregnant women and children with psoriasis phototherapy is a good choice, because these special groups of people often have a lot of restrictions on the choice of external medication.
Common side effect has the likelihood after shining, the skin is dry, appear bask in red, bask in, color of skin becomes dark wait a moment, these symptoms can get recovery slowly. Or some emollient is better.
All psoriasis patients can be phototherapy?
Although light therapy is the first line of treatment for psoriasis, but not all people are suitable for light therapy, need to decide whether to carry out light therapy under the guidance of the doctor. Phototherapy is generally applicable to the larger area of skin lesions psoriasis vulgaris and relatively stable condition of drip psoriasis.
Can undertake phototherapy according to actual circumstance ability affirmatory.
If you receive light therapy, how often do you need to come to the hospital?
The doctor can make individualized treatment plan according to the condition of the patient, generally speaking, the number of light therapy is three times a week, every other day according to the light, specific need irradiation several times need to be combined with the actual condition to determine.
Generally, starting with a small dose of light intensity, the dose can be gradually increased if there are no symptoms of sunburn after light exposure. If there is, the dose can be lowered, or the treatment can be suspended.