9 Reasons Leading To Dark Circles

Dark circles are a very common problem, and problems such as staying up late can lead to dark circles. So why are there dark circles, how do you get rid of dark circles?
9 Reasons Leading To Dark Circles

Causes of dark circles


Congenital or acquired eye pigmentation increases; the patient’s orbicularis muscle is more congenital, or the pigment of the eye skin, the congenital physique is darker than the skin pigment in the adjacent part, so the dark gray appears. eye.

2.Skin relaxation

The eyelids are aging and loose, and the skin wrinkles together to cause the appearance of the skin to deepen.

3.Eye bag formation

Eye bags can also cause dark circles to appear, because the eye bags can cause shadows, which can cause dark circles.

4.Eyelid depression

The lower side of the eyelid is sunken to form a tear groove to form a shadow.

5.Blood retention

The retention of blood flow in the eyelid veins causes the skin to darken.

6.Cosmetic pigment particle penetration

Penetration of pigment particles in cosmetics can also cause dark circles to appear. Why?
For those who use cosmetics, there may be some dark cosmetic particles that penetrate into the eyelids. For a long time, it will show dark circles. And for some other reason, some of these reasons may merge.

7.Lack of sleep

Insufficient sleep is a major cause of dark circles. It is easier for people who are used to nightlife to have dark circles. The solution is also very simple. It is to pay attention to rest and develop good sleep. Get used to ensuring the quality of sleep.


Around the eye, or eye socket contusion, can cause subcutaneous bleeding around the eyes, and form dark circles, in this case, as long as the use of masking cream can be.

9.Chronic diseases

Anemia, chronic nephritis, chronic hepatitis, or some visceral diseases are likely to cause dark circles, because these chronic diseases cause excessive nutrient consumption in the patient, causing contraction of the fat layer, thereby causing pigmentation around the eye. The best way to treat dark circles caused by chronic diseases is to treat these diseases. If the body does not have these chronic diseases, the problem of dark circles can be well relieved.

How to remove dark circles

1.Massage the eyes

This is a quick way to remove dark circles. After getting up in the morning, we can massage the eyes. It usually takes about 5 minutes to massage. How to massage is determined according to personal preference. After the massage, you will notice a significant improvement in dark circles, and this will also pay attention to the health of the eyes and protect your vision.

2.Overnight tea apply eyes

Take two pieces of tea (not tea water) overnight and gently massage the eyes counterclockwise, massage for about 3 minutes. If you feel that the tea leaves no water, you can change the other tea to continue the massage.

3.Use hot towel apply eye

Hot towel application not only has a good swelling effect, but also diminishes the dark circles of the eyes. After getting up in the morning, I found dark circles. When I wash my face, I can use a hot towel to apply my eyes. It takes about ten minutes to have a good effect of eliminating dark circles. After the hot compress, the mental outlook of the human body will also be greatly improved.

4.Cooked eggs apply eyes

Take a freshly cooked egg, peel off the egg yolk, wrap the protein that is still hot in gauze and apply it to the eyes for 3 minutes. Move it 2~3 times to ensure the average force. It is better to use the silver jewelry (preferably with a silver ring) in the protein, and it works quickly.

5.Yogurt apply eyes

Yogurt is also a very good method. First, find some medical cotton wool, take a proper amount of cotton wool and put it in the rest of the yogurt. Then wait until the medical cotton is soaked, then take it out and put it on your eye bags and dark circles. In about a minute, remove the medical cotton, you can see that the dark circles have obvious changes, it does not look so heavy.

6.Cucumber slices apply eyes

Cucumber is a natural beauty ingredient and has a lot of use in beauty. We can cut the cucumber into slices, preferably thin slices, which will help the cucumber to adhere to the skin and also help the absorption of nutrients in the cucumber. Apply about 15 minutes or so. In the same way, we can also apply the face by the way. You will find that the skin is smoother after applying the face, and the dark circles are also eliminated a lot.

7.Potato chips apply eyes

Cut the potatoes into thin slices and apply them to the eyes for 10 minutes. After removing them, gently massage the eyes with your index finger to promote the nutrient absorption of the potatoes. This method not only diminishes dark circles, but also whitens skin.

8.Apple tablets apply eyes

Wash the apples and wash them with water for 15 minutes. The higher the apple’s juice content, the better. As for the used apple slices, of course, they can no longer be eaten.

9.Ice or ice adjustment soup apply eye

When getting up early or sleeping late, apply ice cream or frozen soup on your eyes and gently massage it counterclockwise to promote blood circulation around the eyes. The cold feeling can also eliminate eye fatigue. Pay attention to closing your eyes during massage. You should swipe your eyes quickly and gently. If you stay too long or use too much force, it will cause frostbite, bruises or wrinkles.

10.Eye cream

Eye cream should be used early and can be used after 20 years old. When choosing eye cream, it is recommended to choose a mild texture and plant extract. If you are not too troublesome, you can first massage your eyes with eye essence oil or essence, and then use eye cream.