Will skin care products deteriorate at high temperatures?

Will cosmetics deteriorate at high temperatures?

At high temperatures, cosmetics will deteriorate. From the moment the cap of the cosmetic is opened, its life will enter a “countdown” state, especially in the hot temperatures of summer, they will accelerate the deterioration, they are afraid of bacteria, afraid of the sun. Fear of overheating, fear of being too cold, afraid of moisture, and fear of failure, so storing them for their weaknesses can prolong their service life and slow down the deterioration.

How to judge whether cosmetics have deteriorated

1, eyeliner and eyeliner

If MM’s eyeliner tip has a whitehead that cannot be removed, it will be lost. If the eyeliner is so easy to remove makeup, this is the expiration signal of the eyeliner. The life of the eyeliner is not more than half a year, and the life of the eyeliner is generally about one year.

2, mascara

It is safer to replace a mascara in 3 to 4 months. When the MM’s mascara smells of gasoline, or if there is a tangled condition, a granular object appears on the eyelashes, so remember to stop using it immediately.

3, eye shadow

In fact, the powdery eye shadow shelf life is generally around two years. The eye shadow brush remembers to be cleaned regularly, or it will bring a lot of bacteria into the eye shadow tray. If MMs are used to applying eye shadow by hand, they must wash their hands before applying makeup.

4, liquid foundation

The liquid foundation is originally a hotbed of bacteria. Liquid foundations that have never been opened can be stored for many years. Once opened, they must be used up as soon as possible within six months to one year. Expired liquid foundation will give off an unpleasant smell, and the color will change, indicating that the oil composition inside has changed, which will greatly irritate the skin of MM.

5, concealer

As with liquid foundations, the color of the expired concealer will change, and it will look oily on the skin, which is due to the surface on which the expired concealer oil will rise. Concealer has a life span of no more than one year.

6, loose powder and powder

The shelf life of normal honey powder and loose powder is about 2 to 3 years. Some loose powders containing plant extracts will have a small amount of water, so be sure not to put them in a damp place like a toilet to avoid breeding bacteria. If your loose powder and honey powder are agglomerated, grayed out or green, just throw it away.

How to properly preserve cosmetics?

1, cleanser

Causes of deterioration: the bathroom is usually stored, the bath is frequent in the summer, and the bathroom is heavy. Moisture can accelerate the growth and deterioration of bacteria in cleansing milk containing lipids or proteins.

Method: Do not put the cleanser in the bathroom in the summer, keep the bathroom ventilated, and cover the lid of the cleanser in time.

2, lotion

Reasons for deterioration: When I went to the counter to try the lotion in the summer, it was actually warm. In fact, it was heated by the light on the counter. It should be noted that the lotion cannot be placed near the light source, especially in direct sunlight, and the high temperature can easily deteriorate it.

Method: The lotion products can be put back into the original packaging box, placed in the lowermost layer of the refrigerator, should not be placed directly on the door of the refrigerator, because in the opening and closing, the exchange of hot and cold air is the most likely to deteriorate the product.

3, frost or essence

Causes of deterioration: Many emulsions, creams or essences with whitening or anti-aging effects contain VC and A alcohol, which are sensitive and degrading ingredients.

Method: Before using the cream-like skin care products, you should first wipe the bottle mouth and bottle cap with alcohol-based lotion, or dilute 75% alcohol, screw it back, then put it back in the original box and store it in a cool place ( No need to put it back in the refrigerator). After such treatment, not only can the quality of the product be maintained, but also some of the remaining bacteria can be killed.

4, sunscreen

Causes of deterioration: Many people in summer like to apply sunscreen in the car, but under the sun, the plastic will deform or even melt, releasing chemicals and indirectly contaminating the sunscreen.

Way: Do not put it in the car!

5, lipstick

Reason for misunderstanding: Summer lipstick is sweating because the main ingredients of lipstick usually contain petroleum jelly, wax, oil, coloring materials and antioxidants such as vitamins A and E. These components will melt when exposed to high temperatures.

So it’s not that your lipstick has problems, but they are also “fear of heat”!