What? These things will hurt your skin when applied to your face?

Don’t think that everything can be applied to your face. When you put something that shouldn’t be applied to your face, you will find that this will only increase the burden on your face. Therefore, everyone must see clearly, the following 10 things should not be painted on the face.
1, body milk
Applying body lotion to your body can moisturize and moisturize the skin, but it is a big mistake to use on thinner skin. Most body lotions contain more flavors, which are less nutrients than skin care products and can deprive facial skin. Products such as body washes should not be used on the face, which will make the skin drier and cause pores to clog.
2, lemon
Lemon juice is highly acidic, pH 2, just as sucking lemon can destroy the enamel on the teeth. If you use pure lemon directly on your skin, your skin will be strongly stressed and break its balance.
3, hot water
The hot shower feels great, but it will definitely sneak away moisture from the outer layers of your skin, causing dry skin and water and oil imbalance. If you are oily or acne skin, you should avoid hot showers. Especially in the winter, try to replace the hot water with warm water, and the dryness will be alleviated.
4, toothpaste
Although toothpaste can make teeth white, it is very unsuitable for use on the face. It will make your face dry out of acne. The chemical composition will also have the possibility of burning the skin. Finally, dark scars will be left. What is worse is You have no better way to cure it.
5, baking soda
Although we know that baking soda can exfoliate, the common household baking soda is too alkaline on the face, acid-base balance is very important, your skin has a healthy pH of about 4.5-5, while baking soda With a pH of 9, using too alkaline ingredients can damage and damage the skin’s natural barriers, cause significant water loss, and impair your skin’s ability to regulate itself.
6, hydrogen peroxide
As a mild preservative, hydrogen peroxide is one of the best ways to prevent infection or timely care after injury, but remember that it is not a cure for acne. In addition to its corrosive nature, it is a common source of allergies that can cause an inflammatory reaction and re-infect the skin.
7, sugar
We already know that eating too much sugar can cause disaster to the skin, and the facial skin is thinner than you think, so although exfoliating sugar and olive oil can make your legs look smooth and beautiful, but big Rough grain texture will damage the epidermis on your face.
8, alcohol
Hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol are antibacterial disinfectants used to disinfect wounds to avoid infection and clean your house. Attaching them to your face will make you feel stinging, because alcohol is one of the driest agents and it can cause extreme dryness on the face. Therefore, before purchasing a cleansing or skin care product, make sure it is alcohol-free, otherwise your pores will suffer.
9. Vaseline
Vaseline can be used to moisturize fragile skin, even mosquito bites, wounds, etc. can work well. However, it does not act as a product that moisturizes the skin for a long time. At first, it feels soft to the skin, but as the Vaseline seals moisture, the rough emollient also seals the dust in the skin and becomes drier over time.
10, hair gel
Most hair dye products may cause irritation when in contact with the skin, where hair gel is particularly important. Someone uses it to fix makeup at a critical juncture, but it will cause your skin to dry out and clog pores, causing irritation and allergies.