What Skin Care Products Are Used For Sensitive Skin?

There are many kinds of skin care products. In terms of product selection, it is necessary to be divided into three types according to the needs of the skin, such as dry age, oily and mixed, depending on the age of the individual. Sensitive skin is also very common. Choosing mistakes can cause skin injury. .
The main feature of sensitive skin is red blood, cheeks are prone to redness and heat, and the skin is more susceptible to external irritation and injury. Most people will happen to adults after adulthood, and the reasons for their formation vary. Some people are born with thin horny skin and insufficient sebum on the surface. Some people have disordered PH values ​​in their bodies. Sometimes they have symptoms such as acne and red blood on their cheeks due to slight stimulation of the diet or the outside world. This will bother people.
What skin care products are used for sensitive skin?
1, cleansing care
For cleansing, you should avoid choosing a strong facial cleanser. In chemical formula, you should pay attention to the choice of pure plant, facial cleanser with more natural ingredients, it is best not to have a fragrance. The number of times you wash your face every day needs to be taken care of, up to a maximum of two times.
2, toner aspect
Aromatherapy toner should not be chosen. It is best to use skin care products from La Roche-Posay and Avene Medicinal series, as most of these brands use natural mineral springs, which are less irritating to sensitive skin.
3, the choice of cream
The choice of day cream for sensitive skin also requires special attention. Light and transparent, it is best to have moisturizing and fruit, to ensure the daily moisture required by the skin, to prevent external damage to the skin.
4, the importance of sun protection
Because sensitive skin is thinner in most people, it is important to pay attention to the sunscreen. The choice of sunscreen should also be light and should not contain alcohol. Apply sunscreen according to the sun protection index.
In terms of lifestyle, people with sensitive skin should go out with a parasol if necessary. Diet should be based on lightness, so do not stay up late, do not drink alcohol, do not eat spicy and so on.
If you can’t improve your skin condition through skin care and improving your lifestyle, you should go to the dermatology clinic of the hospital, check the allergens, and ask the doctor’s recommended skin care products.