What Should I Do If Skin Care Products Are Not Absorbed?

What to do if skin care products are not absorbed
First of all: diligent in cleansing. In addition to daily care, the most important thing is to clean the skin. If the cleaning is not in place, even if you use effective skin care products, it will not help.
It is very important to choose a cleansing product. First of all, you must know your skin type, dry, neutral or oily type, sensitivity, different skin types, and also choose a cleansing product. Oily skin, you can choose to oil. Type foam type cleansing cream can effectively control oil; dry skin, choose moisturizing facial cleanser to nourish skin, neutral skin can choose suitable cleansing products according to different seasons; in addition, makeup crush Also pay attention to cleanliness, completely remove makeup, this is very necessary, as well as weekly attention to remove keratin, aging dead skin remains on the face, it will affect the face’s absorption of skin care products, but also lead to rough face, Ageing
Second: more water. If a woman is a flower, if she is not carefully cared for, she will not be watered, and she will soon wither. The woman is as tender as water, and she needs water care. In addition to drinking water and skin care products, I may choose some hydrating effect. The Department drank enough water and naturally absorbed more nutrients.
Skin care products do not absorb what causes
The stratum corneum is too thick
When your cuticle is too thick, the old horny horns will cover the skin firmly, and the skin care products will not enter and accumulate on the surface of the skin.
Solution: Exfoliate every two weeks, sensitive skin can reduce frequency, and pay attention to choose mild products.
The skin is too dry
This situation is especially common in autumn and winter, dry skin can lead to poor absorption of the product, which is why the use of lotion as a prelude, wet skin like a wet sponge, can have a stronger absorption.
Solution: The steps of the lotion must not be less. Use a cotton pad to soak the lotion along the skin texture, which helps the skin absorb moisture more than the palm. The amount should be sufficient to make the skin softer and more nutritious.
What should I do if skin care products are not absorbed? What are the reasons why skin care products are not absorbed?
Care is not enough
Just like watering plants, they should be slowly irrigated, and the soil can be absorbed gradually. One brain applied all the skin care products to the face, wiped it three or two times, and the skin was too late to absorb.
Solution: Every skin care step should be patient, slowly pat or massage, not only can add to the skin care effect, it will not waste the skin care products!
The order of care is incorrect
Depending on the quality of the product, choosing the right order of care can help you avoid the “sludge” phenomenon.
Solution: correct care order: remover – cleansing – water – eye cream – essence – lotion – cream – sunscreen
Interval is too short
After applying a product containing a water-soluble thickener such as a moisturizing cream or an essence, the foundation or sunscreen product is applied immediately after the skin is absorbed, and a salt is formed to form white chips on the skin. When using an anti-acne product, if acid, salicylic acid, etc., and then a product containing zinc oxide powder such as a barrier milk, it is also prone to precipitate.
Solution: Wait for 2 minutes for each skin care step to fully absorb the skin and give the skin a little breathing time.
Can I use a hydrating spray after makeup?
Can use.
The spray contains hot spring water or mineral water. It is used to spray the face after makeup. It can replenish the skin without affecting the makeup. Instead, it can fix the makeup, prevent makeup or floating powder, and quickly replenish the skin.
Make up with spray after makeup
After the makeup is finished, the proper use of the hydrating spray can quickly replenish the lost moisture of the skin, and relieve the floating powder and makeup removal caused by the dry skin.
Avoid makeup with a spray after makeup
People with dry skin on the face, after using makeup toner or other hydrating products, are prone to flower makeup. Using a moisturizing spray can avoid flower makeup problems.
How to use hydrating spray after makeup
1. Put the spray nozzle away from the inside of the face 15-20, and balance it with the face, so that it can accept more water, and the area is balanced. Generally, it can be sprayed 2 to 3 times.
2. Gently press the face with a cotton pad to absorb excess spray moisture to avoid natural drying.
3. People who want to make up the makeup can use the hydrating spray first, then make up the makeup, so the makeup will be more fresh.