What kind of mask is good for dry skin?

Many people have especially dry skin, especially dry skin, which is especially noticeable in autumn and winter. The skin starts to peel, and the toner is just useless. It is dried with the lotion, and a series of problems caused by dry skin will make the dry skin particularly troublesome. Many people with dry skin will solve their skin through the hydrating of the mask. Drying problem.

First, determine whether you are dry skin

Dry skin is a specific type of skin. It refers to a skin condition, mostly due to abnormal skin barrier function, which causes the entire face and body skin to be tight. The skin therefore becomes sensitive, reddish, textured, and lacks moisture and lipids. The phenomenon of water shortage in the skin will occasionally fall on any type of skin at some point in life. It is characterized by a partial tightening of the skin at a certain time due to poor water-tightness of the skin and loss of moisture. But this is a reversible, temporary phenomenon. Discomfort, redness, and dandruff, the only reason is that the skin is short of water.

Many people think that their skin is very arbitrarily determined that they are dry skin, but in fact it is not? Now, generally more regular skin care brand counters have skin testers, we can go to the counter to make a skin for ourselves. Simple test to determine which skin type you are. If it is judged to be dry skin, then it is necessary to distinguish whether it is water-deficient dry skin or oil-deficient skin, because these two are focused on the process of selecting mask. It will also be different. Pure dryness will choose a mask with high heat preservation, and dry skin without oil will not only moisturize but also replenish oil.

Second, dry skin is preferred to have a super hydrating effect of the frozen film

Dry skin is less watery, so you should choose a mask that has good moisturizing ability and water retention ability. The frozen film is a special presence in the mask. The frozen film is a gel-like substance added on the basis of the mask, so that it has a good moisturizing effect and does not accumulate thickly on the face. The main components of the frozen film are “macromolecule humectants” and “film formers”, which can effectively replenish and lock in moisture. For dry skin, if you want to achieve long-lasting moisturizing, or to remedy the skin that has already been peeled, you can choose the first aid for frozen film.

Third, how to use the frozen film correctly?

1, frozen film maintenance method: general process

After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount to the entire face to completely separate the skin from the air.

After 5-10 minutes of static application, gently massage for 1 minute to thoroughly absorb the essence, then rinse off with water (not recommended to use facial cleanser), then daily skin care.

It is recommended to use at least 2-3 times a week for best results.

It can also be used as an eye mask, a lip membrane or a hand mask. When using it as an eye mask, be careful not to let the essence enter the eye. After applying it, do not need to massage, and gently wipe it with a soft cotton pad.

2, summer oil-free maintenance method

In summer, the oil secretion is strong. If you think that the lotion or cream is too oily, you can use the fresh frozen petals instead of the frozen film to lock the skin, which can reduce the loss of skin surface water caused by sleeping in the cold room all night.

3, winter strong moisturizing method

Cold in winter, cold and cold, even if the moisturizing essence plus moisturizing cream can not hold, the skin horny still dry to turn up the debris, please try to add a good night frozen film after the moisturizing cream, this layer of water can help your moisturizing Product efficacy bonus.

Fourth, the misunderstanding: Can the frozen film be applied every day?

Many people think that the skin is dry, it is necessary to use a frozen film to moisturize every day, in fact, this method is not recommended. The frozen film mainly contains propylene glycol, glycerin polyacrylate, flavor and various plant extracts. For skin, propylene glycol, glycerin polyacrylate and other ingredients will cause certain irritation. It is not suitable for daily application, and the mask is applied every day. Will make the skin over-nutrition, if the skin can not be completely absorbed, it is easy to cause pores to clog, and long acne and other problems.