What Is The Most Effective Whitening Method?

What are the key factors for whitening?
If you want to whiten, you must first understand what the concept of whitening is, and you can't just pursue white, so that using inappropriate methods to hurt the health of your body and skin can be worth the loss. Be beautiful, be white, but be healthier!
Whitening must first understand that the key factor in determining whether our skin is white or black is the melanin contained in the skin. Many times, the pigment content in our skin is genetically determined. That is to say, if the skin is fair, the child's skin is not black. Another factor that turns white is that it is maintained by the day after tomorrow. We can't decide the innate factors, but it is still proper to maintain the whitening of the day after tomorrow!
What is the most important thing in whitening?
So, what is the most important thing to whiten first? It must be sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Important things to say three times! In addition to sunscreen, followed by moisturizing!
Many crushers neglect sunscreen in the process of whitening, and blindly pursue the use of whitening products, in fact, all these are useless. Sun protection is not only to prevent sunburn, but the most important thing is to prevent the skin from being exposed to the sun for a long time to produce sunburn and accelerate aging.
When it comes to sun protection, many girls may think that it is good to apply sunscreen when there is a sun. In fact, there are many misunderstandings in this, and many of them may not be clear.
How to properly sunscreen
First of all, sunscreen is not only used in the summer, but is used all year round. And, as long as you go out, it is important to apply sunscreen whether it is the sun or the wind and rain. Ultraviolet rays are everywhere, and there is no ultraviolet light without the sun. Therefore, the beauty girls who really want to whiten still need to use sunscreen.
In addition, in addition to sunscreen, when there is the sun, sun umbrellas, sunhats, sunglasses, do not care to use it! Hold on for two years, you will definitely see the changes brought by these measures!
Secondly, in addition to whitening, whitening must also do a moisturizing job. For the skin, the most important thing is moisturizing! Moisturizing! Moisturizing! Whether it is moisturizing lotion, moisturizing cream or mask, it must be used diligently. And if you want a better whitening effect, you can use a whitening mask and a moisturizing mask.
However, the editor does not recommend using too many whitening products. After all, it is only the face, not the whole body. So, how can you make your body white?
How to whiten the body most effectively?
There are a lot of whitening products now, except for the whitening needles and the whitening pills of the internal clothes, but I believe that there are not a few products that can make the whole body white. However, the editor does not recommend injections or whitening pills. After all, it can only maintain the effect for a period of time.
Therefore, choosing the most natural method, such as diet whitening, is the best choice, not only can whiten, but also health and save money, can be described as one-shot. So, which foods have whitening effect?
It is reported that lychee, lemon, grapefruit, grapes, pomegranate, and cherries all have whitening effects, and they can usually eat these fruits. Moreover, if you want to be white and beautiful, you should also pay attention to eating habits and work and rest. For example, you can't stay up late, you can't eat spicy and greasy foods. You must have done this. Not only will the skin turn white, but the color will be much better!