What is the cause of oily skin?

First, the skin is short of water
Many female friends are desperately buying various oil control products because they have oil on their skin, and then apply the same to the face. This is not right. First of all, you must first figure out your skin condition and then decide which one to buy. The skin’s skin, most oily skin is mostly caused by lack of water in the skin. The most serious part of the body’s oil is the face. If the lack of water is serious, it will make us nose and forehead. There is more oil on it, so don’t forget to replenish the skin while you are busy working, so that our face looks more shiny, moist, and oil is naturally less.
Second, the weather reasons
In fact, this is also very related to the weather. Sometimes the weather is dry or the humidity is high, which may cause our skin to oil. That is, our skin is not balanced with water and oil. In summer, the skin is the most serious season. In addition to some people who are oily skin will be oily, even some people with neutral skin are also very easy to produce oil, so in the summer not only to do well in sun protection but also pay attention to oil control measures, in this weather The underlying skin is very easy to water and oil imbalance, so usually clean your skin, or use oil control products that match your skin.
Third, living habits
The original work time and the five internal organs of the human body are all functioning normally, but many people like to play backwards during the day and night, which causes our work schedule to be unstable, staying up late, not sleeping, which is very harmful to our skin. Especially staying up late is the easiest to make our endocrine disorders, not only oil on the face, but also pigmentation, wrinkles, etc., then you can buy some refreshing oil control products, but also improve our schedule, adjust The biological clock, normal sleep, so the skin will definitely get better, and the oil will be much less.
Fourth, improper use of skin care products
Many people don’t know what skin is their skin, they buy skin care products, which makes their skin unacceptable, water and oil secretion disorders, a look of shine, we should not blindly pursue the brand and price, we must choose our own skin. Quality and age of skin care products, in order to achieve the best results, the use of skin care products to adjust the number of uses and usage, do not use uncontrolled, this is also very wrong, we must pay more attention.
Fifth, improper diet
In addition to the skin care products, the surface is not the most fundamental reason. The main reason is caused by the internals of our body. In the diet, we should adjust our nutritional recipes to ensure a balanced nutritional intake. Eating less irritating food is very bad for the body, it is easy to cause fire and acne, so that the fire in our body is very heavy, and all kinds of acne and acne will appear when the fire is heavy. Women who love beauty must pay attention to it. However, oil is still very much related to our usual diet. Eat less spicy and fried foods, reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body, and improve your oily skin.