What are the types of antioxidant skin care products?

I believe that many people have such an experience in life, that is, to put a peeled apple or potato, eggplant, etc. for a while, the incision will change color due to oxidation, and it will start to be oxidized and discolored by air. . In fact, people’s skin is also the same, it will be oxidized by skin damage such as dirt and ultraviolet rays in the air. At this time, it is very important to pay attention to anti-oxidation treatment. What is the anti-oxidant skin care product? What are the types of antioxidant skin care products? Let’s take a closer look!
What is the anti-oxidant skin care product?
First of all, we know that the body will have many by-products in the physiological metabolism process, including the reactive substances called “free radicals”. In our living environment, many environmental adjustments stimulate free radicals, mainly air pollution, ultraviolet rays, smoking, etc., while the natural aging of age also stimulates the production of free radicals in the body.
Antioxidation is not just a physiological process in the body, but even our skin needs to be antioxidant. Through the use of antioxidant skin care products in daily life, it can help remove excess free radicals in the skin, and also promote the increase of antioxidant activity of the cells, which can reduce the damage of free radicals to skin cells to a certain extent, so antioxidant skin care products It can make your skin youthful and young to a great extent.
What are the types of antioxidant skin care products?
There are many types of antioxidants used in the antioxidant skin care market, but there are three common types:
(1) Vitamin C: Vitamin C can be described as “Almighty King”, which can not only play the role of anti-wrinkle whitening, but also help reduce the production of free radicals, and can play a very good antioxidant effect.
(2) Polyphenols: Polyphenols mainly include green tea extract, lycopene, ginger, etc., and most of them are present in plants.
(3) Ideben: The antioxidant capacity of idebenone is also very significant. This is a derivative of coenzyme Q10, which has the characteristics of small molecules, especially for absorption and utilization by the skin.
The above is about the related content of antioxidant skin care products. It is obvious that anti-oxidation is very necessary for our skin, especially with the increase of age, the proper use of antioxidant products can whiten, anti-wrinkle and prevent pigmentation. , is a very good product.