What are the common sense of autumn skin care?

In the previous description about autumn, it was said that the weather was cold in autumn, the leaves were yellow, and the same was true for human skin. The leaves were yellow and the skin was dry. This is the side effect that autumn brings us, the beauty of autumn, But people are not beautiful, because the dryness of autumn will make our skin dry and easy to peel, and all the fine lines, dry lines and acne are driven, and the most important thing to do at this time is hydrating, today Let’s recommend a few common tips about autumn skin care.
Autumn skin care tips: 1, timely hydration, the first thing in autumn is to drink more water for the skin, with some special hydrating skin care products, and people lock the water is strong, of course, is suitable for their own, whether it is from the price or In terms of efficacy, and we have to drink more water, saying that women are made of water, then you need to add enough water before they can make our body’s metabolism faster and help regulate the body’s PH value, except The hydration also needs to lock the water, so that the skin is always in a moisturizing state. 2, diet nursed back to health, said that autumn is best for nourishing yin and clearing heat, to dry itching it is the principle of skin care, you can eat more vegetables, green vegetables, pears, grapes, white fungus, etc., to eat some seasonal fruits, eat more Vitamin C, E and other vitamins. This will protect the skin from environmental changes. 3, sun care, we do not think that the summer has passed without sunscreen, this is wrong, this idea and practice is also wrong, even in the fall, even if there is no sunlight, but the skin is invisibly exposed to ultraviolet rays is very strong, And the damage is not less than the summer, so to do a good job of sun protection, it is said that the autumn weather is an autumn tiger, which means that the heat of autumn is more likely to hurt the skin than the summer. Therefore, although the sun protection value is not too high, it must be done with sun protection.

The above is about the autumn skin care tips, in addition to the above information, in addition to not only the fall, usually the same, more sleep beauty do not stay up late, ensure enough sleep every day, in order to ensure the metabolism of the skin, the garbage in the skin can be timely Discharge, so it is highly recommended to sleep at night before 22 o’clock is the most maintenance skin.