Uncover the five truths of pure natural skin care products

Some skin care products sold in the market are now given a natural name. Merchants claim that the safety of use is absolutely guaranteed. Even pregnant women and lactating women can use such skin care products. Is it so good to advertise? Next, I will reveal the five truths to everyone.
Five truths about pure natural skin care products:

1, pure natural skin care products are more likely to cause allergies
Natural skin care products are collected from aloe vera, strawberry, animal protein, and cocoa. Some people are allergic to themselves. After exposure to these substances, the skin will be stimulated to have an allergic reaction, even if it is using egg white, honey, pearls. The skin care products that are made will also be allergic, so natural skin care products are not as good as everyone thinks.

2, the natural skin care products are actually very poor
Natural skin care products can pass through the skin barrier after use, so that the nutrients inside can not be absorbed by the skin, the actual effect is actually very poor.

3, the skin care industry is a science can not take it for granted
A lot of skin care products containing chemical substances have been researched by brand owners for a long time. They all follow scientific principles. It is not that everyone can extract skin from some common life to achieve skin-beautifying effect. skin.

4, really use pure natural skin care products must try
If you really want to try pure natural skin care products, you must remember to use it after 3 days without any allergic reaction. If you are allergic, don’t use it. Otherwise, if it has not worked, the face will be allergic and red, how can you see people?

5, big brand products are more secure
Many well-known skin care brands have their own R&D departments. Each product launch market has undergone a lot of experiments, supported by a large amount of research data. This small brand is far from this strength.
It seems that there are not many pure natural skin care products on the market. I hope that women should not pursue skin care products too purely. It can be said that most skin care products are made of chemical substances, but some big brands are researching products. It takes a lot of time, so the safety of the products developed is guaranteed, so you can use them with confidence.