The order of use of skin care products and the method of application

The order of use of skin care products and the method of application
The first step: cleansing
Cleansing is the first step in the maintenance of all skin care products. At the same time, cleansing is the most important step in the skin care and maintenance process. Only when the face is completely cleaned, can the skin care and maintenance be followed, only the face is thoroughly cleaned. In order to effectively absorb skin care products.
Correct cleansing method:
1. The most suitable water temperature for cleansing is warm water, because warm water is the temperature closest to the human body, so it will not cause any irritation to the skin, and it can ensure that the pores of the face are fully opened;
2, choose the coin-sized cleanser in the palm of your hand, clean your face with both hands, make the cleansing milk into a foam, then rub the cleansing milk in your palm to the face, massage the face in a circular motion, thoroughly clean Dust and other impurities on the face, wash the face with warm water after 2 minutes;
3. Finally, dry the face with a clean dry towel.
Step 2: Toner
Toner is followed by cleansing lotion. The process of rubbing toner is often referred to as “secondary cleaning”, which helps subsequent care to penetrate deeper into the skin, replenish skin nutrition, and also shrink pores. effect.
Apply the correct method of toner:
1. First pour the toner onto the cotton pad;
2, then use a cotton pad to wipe the skin texture from the inside to the outside, this can prevent the appearance of fine lines on the face due to excessive pulling, and the part of the forehead and nose oil secretion can extend the wiping time appropriately.
The third step: the muscle bottom solution
Muscle bottom fluid is not one of the necessary skin care products. This is for skin that is not good for the skin and difficult to absorb skin care products on the face. Because the muscle base fluid is a product that helps the skin to lay a good foundation and helps the skin absorb the subsequent skin care products. .
Correctly apply the muscle bottom solution:
1. Extrusion of the muscle bottom liquid into the size of the soybean on the fingertips of the finger;
2, then gently tap on the face of the skin, after 1 minute, the face will all absorb the muscle base on the face.
Step 4: Essence
Essence is one of the important steps in the order of use of skin care products. Because the essence contains trace elements, collagen, serum and other ingredients, its role is anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, whitening, freckle and so on. The essence is generally divided into two types, one is a liquid essence and an oil essence, and the extracted high-nutrient substance is concentrated and concentrated.
Apply the essence method correctly:
1. Heat your hands first to ensure that the palms and fingers have a warm feeling. Use a dropper to drip out the essence or squeeze out the essence capsules. 2. Apply the essence or essence to the face evenly, pay attention to the essence. Ingredients should avoid the skin around the eyes and wait for the essence to absorb;
3. Gently press the U area of ​​the face with the palm of your hand, gently press it from bottom to top and from the outside to the inside to ensure complete absorption of the essence, and the T area is repeated in the same way;
4, Finally, using the power of the finger belly, gently tapping the skin of the face, the time to knock the face skin is preferably 3 minutes.
The order of use of skin care products and the method of application
Step 5: Eye cream
The skin of the eye is the most fragile. The thickness of the eye is only one-eighth of the thickness of the face. Therefore, the eye needs to be maintained early. If there are eye problems such as dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines, it is necessary to start. Start using eye cream on the eye area.
The correct way to apply eye cream:
1. Take the eye cream of the size of the soy bean and place it on the ring finger.
2. Gently rub with two ring fingers. After the eye cream returns to the body surface temperature, it is used in the eye area; use the ring finger to gently press the inner corner of the eye like the outer corner of the eye until it is absorbed;
3, for the dark circles is obvious, with the fingers like playing the piano, flicking under the eyes; at the same time you can gently massage the eye points.
Step 6: Emulsion
If sister papers think that it is wrong to smear these skin care products, the lotion has not been mentioned in Xiaobian. Many sister papers think that after using toner, they start to use lotion, so sister paper always feels that their skin is dry. After using skin care products, I still didn’t achieve the effect I wanted.
The correct way to apply eye cream:
1. The lotion is not to be applied to the entire face at the same time. Apply the eye area first, then the cheeks, the sides of the mouth, the upper and lower jaws, etc. After applying these parts, apply the entire face.
2, the application of lotion should use the strength of the fingertips, the strength of the fingertips is moderate and elastic, the skin feels most comfortable.
3. Apply the massage to the lotion. Massage should be gently massaged from the center of the face until it is completely absorbed by the skin.
Step 7: Cream
Face cream is the main step in skin care maintenance. Choose a cream that suits your skin needs to replenish, lock, and improve skin texture.
The correct way to apply cream:
1, should first use a special small spoon to pull out the right amount of cream placed in the palm, the left and right hands together to separate the cream evenly in the two palms;
2. Press on the cheekbones and press on the chin and forehead. Gently start from the cheeks and gently press the cream into the skin. The advantage of this is that on the one hand, the cream is not thick, and the skin is pulled hard. On the other hand, the active ingredients in the cream are not lost due to excessive friction.