The difference between cream and lotion

Skin care products are indispensable for even the newborn children. There are also a variety of skin care products, from the body to the face, and to the buttocks, and all of this is to ensure some of the body’s required nutrients, but also for The skin is better, and women and men often use breast and cream, so what is the difference between cream and lotion?
The difference between cream and lotion is first seen from the outside. The lotion is similar to liquid, milky white, just thicker than water, and the cream is cream, it is a paste, if you need to use the finger to wipe, you can not Directly pouring out, that is to say, in terms of consistency, the cream is thicker, one is like water, the other is like oil, and the moisture is high. From the most professional terminology: lotion refers to external cosmetic liquids with chemical ingredients, such as lotion, cleansing lotion, hair lotion, etc.; and cream is a kind of non-homogeneous milk that tends to accumulate in milk. The yellow oil fat portion of the surface layer is similar to cream or creamy substance, similar to cheese, cream, etc., which is a creamy skin cream; finally, from the perspective of their performance, two different textures The product, the product like the mass is also different, a good product, his target population is basically unchanged, what kind of people are suitable for what kind of products, first of all, from three aspects, one is the skin For example, are you dry, oily or mixed? If you use it in the morning and evening, you will have a requirement for the moisturizing degree of the product. If it is seasonal, it is sure to be dry and suitable for face cream, spring and summer is suitable for moisturizing. Use an emulsion.
The skin texture of each skin is different, and the skin feel of the skin is different. This is more complicated. The keywords of the lotion are probably: refreshing, summer, radiance, water content; and the keyword of the cream is The sales point is: nourishment, heavyness, profit, etc. The two are too different. I have said so much that I don’t know if I understand the difference between cream and lotion. I hope I can help you.