Say Goodbye To Oily Skin Troubles

Many oily skin girls are really disgusted with their skin, and even prefer to be desert skin that is not dry enough, and they are not willing to be so greasy. Only because of the oily skin, not only does it seem to affect the appearance, but it also causes various skin diseases.
Therefore, for the oily skin babies, how to improve oily skin becomes their top priority, so don’t worry. Such a historical problem quickly followed the editor to break it!
Method 1: Regular use of cleansing mask
Oily skin
Oily skin is most prone to problems such as enlarged pores, blackheads, and oily. It can cause acne and acne in the long run. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the skin regularly. It can help to loosen pores and deep clean grease and dirt, leaving skin soft and radiant.
Editor’s Choice: Royal Mud Refreshing Balanced Mineral Mud Mask
Oily skin
The refreshing balanced mineral mud mask of the Royal Mud House is definitely a fighter in the cleansing mask. Different from the general cleansing mask after the skin is cleaned and even peeled off, this mask can effectively replenish the skin while purifying the skin, and the skin is still moist. This mask is green bean paste, the mud texture is delicate, it is imported from France, the adsorption is stronger, long-term use, it will obviously feel the pores on the face become smaller, the blackheads become lighter, the skin is soft and white. The small size of the mixed oil skin is used 1-2 times a week, about 15 minutes each time, and it is washed when it is dry for 7 minutes. After using it for a period of time, it feels that the skin oil is much improved, the skin is fresh and delicate, and the overall texture is obviously improved. . Xiaobian conscience recommended, Miss Meimei sisters quickly picked up oh~
Method 2: Wash your face alternately with hot and cold water
Oily skin
Wash your face with hot water first, and open the pores to clean the stains inside the pores. Excessive temperatures may cause your capillaries to dilate and cause more oil to be secreted.
Therefore, the water temperature of about 40 degrees is the most suitable hot water wash when you need to use facial cleanser, soap and other cleaning supplies, but do not use when washing your face with cold water, cold water can shrink pores and reduce sebum secretion. Wash your face with hot and cold water at least twice a day.
Remember: you can’t wash your face frequently.
This is only a temporary refreshment, but the more you wash your face, the more it stimulates the secretion of sebaceous glands, and the more you wash the oil. And even more frightening is that the thinner the oil layer, the thinner the oil.
Method 3: Choose a water-proof sunscreen
Oily skin
The ultraviolet rays in summer are very strong, so the oily skin MM can go out to do sunscreen oil control measures. For oily skin, use a sunscreen lotion with strong water quality and low oil quality. After applying sunscreen lotion, it is best to use a blotting paper to lightly print the face or apply oil control water to reduce the oily texture.
Remember: remove the sunscreen and remove makeup
Sunscreen lotion is mixed with skin care products on the skin surface. If you do not remove makeup, it will easily clog the pores, so that the skin can not breathe normally, resulting in accumulation of subcutaneous oil, not only the skin is getting more and more oil, but also acne and acne.
Method 4: Use moisturizing toner
Oily skin
The skin loves oil because it is caused by lack of water and dry skin. If the skin is not balanced with water and oil for a long time, it will easily appear in the skin condition of the inner and outer oil. Therefore, as long as the skin is hydrated, the skin is not easy. It became greasy.
Remember: Do not use shrink water instead of moisturizer
Shrinking water can inhibit the secretion of oil and oil, and at the same time it can shrink pores. However, the alcohol content in the shrinking water will make the skin rough and dry, which will damage the skin and make the skin dry. Therefore, it is recommended to use a moisturizing toner with a toning effect instead of shrinking water.
After reading so many ways to save the skin, I still don’t take action to make my big face clean and clean.