Improvement Of Mixed Skin,Pay Attention To 7 Points

How to treat the oily and dry skin of mixed skin? Next, we will wash your face from the face, how to wash your face is more appropriate, followed by the basic care after washing your face, involving the water and milk, followed by isolation and exfoliation, of course, essential hydrating Mask. It is also interesting to say that getting up early and getting up early is the most ideal skin care technique. So whether it is a combination of skin or other skin types, ensuring adequate sleep is very effective for taking care.
mixed skin
1. Winter wash water should choose warm water of about 30 ℃
Washing your face with warm water will not irritate your skin, and it will wash away the excess oil in the T area more thoroughly. After washing, wash your hands with cold water several times, so that the face will not feel very tight.
2. Use a mild facial cleanser
Although it is a little dry in winter, it also needs a proper amount of cleaning. A milder facial cleanser can be used, with a focus on taking care of the oil (such as the T zone). You can also use the method of washing the face with warm water and then cold water to achieve the purpose of removing grease and also collecting pores. Of course, in the winter, we still wash our faces with warm water.
3. Combination skin cream is not recommended
Because the oil of the cream is relatively high, it is most suitable to use the lotion. How to make the texture thinner, it can replenish the skin without feeling greasy. If the cheeks are very dry, apply a cream only to the cheeks.
4. Isolation is also a very important step in skin care
The cream can help the skin resist external pollution and ultraviolet rays in winter, and provide a protective barrier to the skin. Choose a product that is light in weight and does not burden the skin too much.
5. The T-zone should be horny once a week, once every two weeks on both sides of the cheek.
Because the oil secretion in the T area is strong, the metabolism will be faster than the cheeks. If not removed in time, the pores will be coarse and the skin will be dull.
6. Deep hydrating mask is essential for winter skin
1~2 times a week of care. To add moisture to the skin, the skin will be more healthy, and the water and oil balance will be achieved. You can try to apply a marine mineral mud mask on the T-zone to replenish water and control oil.
7. To ensure adequate sleep, rest well
Studies have shown that when the body is under too much stress, emotional stress, physical exhaustion and hormonal imbalance, the skin will be out of balance, and excessive oil secretion will occur.
The treatment of mixed skin, in the end is to remove the excess oil in the T area, to supplement the lack of moisture on the cheeks. The right way is the right way.
Pay attention to the above-mentioned nursing methods, and solve your own mixed skin problems. Any kind of skin care method needs sufficient patience and persistence. Perseverance can see the effect, and only insist on doing clean and hydrating work. Ample sleep time, to ensure the quality of sleep, in order to make the skin glow.