How to use mineral water to eliminate wrinkles and dark circles?

First, mineral water pearl eye cream, anti-wrinkle dark circles
Principle: Pearl Eye Cream can effectively resist aging, resist free radicals, promote eye blood circulation, moisturize skin, prevent wrinkles and dark circles.
Production method: Put the white fungus into the pot, add a small amount of water, cook slowly until it is mashed into a thick sauce. Put the pearl powder, stir evenly, and then put it into a bottle and freeze it in the refrigerator after cooling.
How to use: Apply 4 drops each time to the corners of the eyes and around the eyes, and apply around the eyes from the eyebrows.
Second, mineral water + seaweed powder to create crystal skin
Principle: Seaweed powder is very effective for rough skin. It can not only supply water, but also reduce irritation and eliminate inflammation. It is done twice a week, and the effect is very obvious.
How to make: Mix 1/3 spoon of seaweed powder and 1 teaspoon of glycerin in mineral water. Apply it to the face with a make-up. After 20 minutes, wash with warm water and apply the cream.
Third, white vinegar + mineral water: shrink pores and hydration
Production method: use mineral water to put it in a ratio of 1:3, wash your face and pounce on your face.
Ingredients: a compressed mask, a small bowl of mineral water, and an appropriate amount of vitamin C. The most common white granules, 100mg.
Production method: mash the vitamin C and pour it into mineral water to dissolve. Initiate the prepared compressed mask in the water, and apply it directly to the face with a mask.