How To Skin Care At Night? 6 Steps In Night Skin Care

How to skin care at night, 6 steps in night skin care. Nighttime is the most active time from 10pm to early morning, so night skin care is especially important. So how to skin care at night? Teach you 6 steps in night skin care, let’s take a look.
In the past 20 years, the biology community has confirmed that when the night is the best effect of skin care products, the renewal rate of skin cells is eight times higher than that during the day, plus the night environment is better and the mood is the most relaxed. It is more effective than the daytime. The skin care products can also be used as scavengers, sweeping away bad elements invading during the day, neutralizing free radicals, and getting up a clean, debris-free face every morning.
How to skin care at night
6 steps in night skin care
1, thoroughly remove makeup to cleanse the skin
At night, the shielding function of the skin is relatively weakened, so that more undesirable substances can be smashed in. Therefore, after going home at night, you must thoroughly cleanse the skin, clean up the daytime makeup and dirt, so that the subsequent skin care products can be better absorbed by the skin. Because it is winter, it is not recommended to use a cleansing oil that is too strong. After cleansing, clean the face with cleansing lotion, then exfoliate and exfoliate to exfoliate the face, which can promote facial circulation and remove the melanin and pores in the face. Dirt, it is recommended to go horny once a week.
2, shrink pores, add moisture
After cleansing the skin, use a calming, calming toner to replenish moisture. Oily and combination skin is more suitable for use with astringent toner, sensitive skin is suitable for calming, alcoholic toner, and dry skin can use hydrating toner. When using toner, it is best to use a cotton pad for a second cleaning effect. Pour the lotion onto the cotton pad. Make sure the cotton pad absorbs moisture to avoid rubbing the face.
3, learn to use the essence to charge the skin
In general, the essence has a hydrating effect, and the essence can be used depending on the condition of the skin. If you are a mature or semi-aged muscle, it is recommended to use an anti-aging serum. If it is young skin, just use the moisturizing essence.
4, the cream locks the water, retains moisture
Toner and essence are just a procedure for hydrating, but the real thing that locks in water and moisturizes is milk and cream. If the winter weather is dry and cold, it is recommended to use a moisturizing cream containing oil. If the oily skin is afraid of oil, you can use a refreshing moisturizer. If the skin is not only lack of water, you can choose milk and cream that contain multiple functions.
5, eye cream is essential, improve eye problems
The eye is the most vulnerable and the most active, so it is necessary to apply eye cream every day. In general, eye cream is applied to prevent the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and bags under the eyes. Therefore, you can choose which eye cream to use according to your skin condition. If you are prone to dark circles and bags under the eyes, it is best to use an eye cream that is effective in relieving dark circles and eye bags. If you are a 25-year-old girl, it is recommended to use anti-aging, firming moisturizing eye cream to play a preventive role.
6, mask supplement nutrition
The mask has always been a powerful weapon for whitening and moisturizing. At night, the metabolism of the skin is accelerated. The mask can be used before going to bed, and the mask can be quickly absorbed to achieve the purpose of skin whitening and nourishing, so that whitening and moisturizing can be achieved in one step.
Sleeping is the most vigorous period of cell growth. The absorption rate of skin care products is twice as high as that during the day, so skin care before going to bed is very important.