How to dilute dark circles?

Overtime, staying up late, stress, insomnia and other dreams are the key factors that cause dark circles. People with dark circles are very old, and they are aggravated and affect their work. So, what are the ways to dilute dark circles? The following small series teaches you 5 strokes to drive away dark circles.
How to dilute dark circles? 5 small remedies to drive away dark circles
1, hot eggs apply eye week
Cook an egg, peel off the egg shell, then wrap the egg in a tissue, then place it around the eye area and massage it back and forth at the eye. The hot compress helps to promote blood circulation in the eye, which is beneficial to dilute dark circles.
2, mint leaf eye
You can take a few slices of fresh mint leaves, soak the mint leaves in hot water, remove the mint leaves after 5 minutes, close your eyes, and apply the mint leaves to the eyelids. Mint leaves have a good effect on lightening dark circles.
3, tea to dark circles
枸杞 It has the effect of eyesight, beauty and beauty. You can go to the kettle and boil in the right amount of medlar and red dates every day. When the water is opened, you can add rock sugar, which is both nutritious and can dilute dark circles.
4, green tea wrapped eye circles
The green tea bags that you usually drink are not recommended to be discarded. They can be collected and used to dilute dark circles. After the tea bag is used, place it directly on the eyelids and wait until after 25 minutes to remove it. For 7 days, it can improve the dark circles.
5, honey to dark circles
After washing your face every night, you can use cotton to take a proper amount of honey and put it on the eye area. You can gently massage it. After 15 minutes of massage, wash it off with water.
The above is a small remedy to dilute the dark circles. Of course, the best way to treat dark circles is to develop a good routine. As long as the rest is good, the spirit will be good, and the dark circles can really dissipate.