How to choose the skin care products that suit you?

How to choose the skin care products that suit you?

18 — 25 years old

This age group is the “golden period”.

It is also the most beautiful “Moodle of the Year” for women!

The most needed skin at this stage is hydrating!

Do a good job of moisturizing to provide adequate barrier to the skin.

It also lays the foundation for future skin health and maintenance.

At this stage, it is most inappropriate to use some very functional products!

25 — 30 years old

The skin condition at this stage is still very good!

Generally speaking, there is almost nothing wrong with it!

But! There may be false fine lines behind the innocent!

So don’t let your skin get out of water!

You can also use some products containing salicylic acid to clear pores!

In addition, we must start to prevent eye aging!

The eye is more vulnerable than other parts, and the eye cream is indispensable!

35 — 40 years old

At this stage, wrinkles begin to appear.

Moisture and collagen are no longer enough!

The skin began to become rough and dull.

At this time, products with higher nutrient content are needed.

For example, some skin care products containing hyaluronic acid can be used.

Or a skin care product that contains both nutrients and balances moisture.

It can strengthen the skin’s absorption capacity and improve the skin’s ability to lock water.

40 — 45 years old

After 40 years of age, epidermal cell regeneration has almost no effect.

At this time, the skin ages faster and wrinkles grow.

The skin will also dry out and the rate of collagen loss will increase.

At this time, the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin gradually decrease.

So we need to start a comprehensive emergency care for the skin.

Use functional anti-wrinkle and collagen-based skin care products!

After 45 years old

This stage of the skin can also continue the previous maintenance,

You can pay attention to sun protection with the help of electronic instruments for skin care treatment!

Good living habits match the maintenance procedures at the appropriate stage.