How Long After The Eye Bag Surgery Is Removed?

How long does it take to recover after going to eye bags?
1, endoscopic eye bags: through the lower eye conjunctival sac small incision (point shape), the eye fat is removed. Therefore, there is no incision on the surface of the skin, which is suitable for younger patients. This method is mainly suitable for the septum fat-exposed type, that is, the typical eye bags caused by the bulging of the septum, the skin without the lower eyelids and the skin wrinkles, after degreasing As a blockade of fat blockage (not growing fat later), slight skin relaxation can be tightened by instrument heating.
2, externally cut eye bags: during surgery, the incision along the lower edge of the lower eyelashes to the external sulcus, after the incision separation, remove the bulging eye bag fat. At the same time, the lower jaw skin is tightened, and the excess chin skin is removed to remove the wrinkles of the lower jaw skin. The incision is concealed, and the incision marks are more difficult to see after the healing. This method is mainly applicable to the squat skin relaxation type and the lower eyelid sacral muscle hypertrophy type (pseudo-eye bags). The main manifestation is that the lower eyelid skin is loose and wrinkles, the septal fat is not prominent, and sometimes it is lighter than atrophy. Degree of depression, or genital herma hypertrophy associated with family inheritance.
What is the cost of eyelid surgery? The cost of eyelid surgery is not fixed and is usually affected by the following factors:
1. The treatment method affects the price. There are many ways to go to the bags under the eyes, such as laser to eye bags, surgery to eye bags, ultrasound to eye bags, different post-eye bags method to receive different postoperative effects, maintenance time will be different, naturally the price will be compared Big.
2. The situation affects the price. Only the eye bags with slight fat accumulation are easier to handle, but if the skin around the eyes is slack, there are still many wrinkles. The method of going to the eye bags can not only go to the eye bags, but also the wrinkles, so the difficulty coefficient is relatively high. The charges will be more expensive.
Eye bags
3. Plastic surgeons influence prices. Looking for a senior eye bag plastic surgery specialist to do surgery and an intern to perform surgery, the charges are different. Senior experts can guarantee results and safety. Although the intern’s surgery is cheap, the safety cannot be guaranteed.
4. Plastic surgery hospitals affect prices. Plastic surgery hospitals in each region have their own charging standards, and large-scale plastic surgery hospitals are more expensive than small clinics.
How long does it take to recover after going to eye bags?
How should I care after my eye bags are operated?
1. There may be some pain on the day after the operation of removing the eye bags, but it will gradually improve over time, so the beauty seeker must not rush to eat drugs with blood circulation such as painkillers, otherwise it will cause wound bleeding. It is not conducive to postoperative recovery.
2, remove the eye bags after one day to two days after the appropriate ice can be applied, then hot compress, three to four times a day, each 15 to 20 minutes or so, is conducive to postoperative swelling.
3, remove eye bags after oral antibiotics for 3 to 5 days, is conducive to prevention of infection.
4, it is normal to remove swelling after eye bags surgery. Under normal circumstances, it will be swollen after four days. If necessary, use swelling powder.
5, after removing the eye bags, you must keep the wound clean and avoid touching the water to prevent infection.
6, after removing eye bags, if there is severe bleeding and swelling, you must go to the hospital for a follow-up.
7, after the removal of the eye bags, adhere to the antibiotic eye drops, twice a day. Excision method to remove eye bags one day after surgery to the hospital for follow-up, remove eye dressings and disinfection of wounds.
How long can I recover from going to eye bags?
The recovery period of the eye bag surgery is related to the surgical method. The recovery period of the eye bag to the eye bag is relatively short, and it can be recovered in one week. The incision to the eye bag is relatively large, so the recovery period is relatively long, usually within one month. restore. How long does it take to recover from the eye bag surgery is also related to the doctor’s technique. If the doctor moves gently during the operation, the fat removal and skin removal are accurate and do not hurt other tissues, and the trauma is small, then the postoperative recovery is also faster.
After the eye bag surgery, the line is generally removed for 7 days, which will not affect the work and life. It can be completely restored within 2~3 months. How long does it take to recover from eye bags is also related to personal physique. Some people have faster metabolism and faster recovery. Doing the appropriate care after going to the eye bag surgery can also shorten the recovery period. Before the thread is removed, the wound should be protected from water, kept clean and prevent infection. Eat fruits and vegetables many times on the diet, eat spicy foods and promote wound healing….