How can you smooth your skin?

For women and men, the texture of the skin is extremely important, the same age, and the skin is different, the age difference seems to be quite different, with a good skin, delicate skin is our inside External needs, but also for the maintenance of the skin is also a requirement, how can make the skin smooth?
The first step in skin care is to thoroughly clean the skin. This is the most important step in the first step. It is not clean and the skin is oily or dirty. It is useless to use more skin care products. A kind of cosmetics will also bring a lot of dust to the skin and cause a lot of oil. Therefore, before going to bed at night, try to use cleansing oil, facial cleanser and other products that are good for cleansing the face to thoroughly clean the skin. The effect of oil stains does not cause the pores of the skin to become clogged, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of youthful acne and acne. If the conditions allow the skin to be properly applied after the skin has been cleaned, apply it to the face and gently massage until it is completely absorbed by the skin. This will help the skin milk to penetrate better. Diligently take a minute or two to make a loss of massage and stick to it every day, how to make the skin smooth, so that you will have delicate and elastic skin just around the corner.
In addition, we all know that women are water. This sentence is very correct. Anyone’s body water content is about 60%-70% of the body. For women, water is more important. Dry, resulting in wrinkles, so it is necessary to drink plenty of water, but do not drink before going to bed, which will lead to swelling on the face, drink more during the day and drink less, guarantee the standard of eight glasses of water per day, this is the minimum. In addition to drinking water, you should eat more fruits. In addition to water, the fruit is also rich in vitamins, which can effectively prevent skin aging, and has enough moisturizing effect on the skin to make the skin look smooth and smooth, apple, orange and papaya. These are all good choices. How can we make the skin smooth? Let me introduce these hopes to help everyone.