Four Strokes To Prevent And Improve Double Chin

How did the double chin come from?
It is generally believed that the double chin appears because there is too much fat (that is, you are too fat, the fat usually has a double chin); or the muscles are slack, the skin that lacks elasticity is like a loose rubber band, sagging loose; or It's a superposition of the two, so you have a double chin.
A woman who has not had a double chin before has gained weight. It is very likely that the double chin will follow. Because there is too much heat, there is no way to consume it. The fat that is converted into it will spread to all parts of the body, which is why there is no local weight loss. One said, because you want to lose fat must be reduced together. The Damei, who will wear it, is often a goose egg face. The chin is an elliptical arc. But after a few years of fat, the curvature of the chin has become more rounded, almost a semicircle, and the entire face has doubled. It looks really old and fat.
It is not only the fat man who has a double chin. The skinny and tall Joe Xin also has a double chin, because her edema constitution makes the fat of the chin easy to accumulate, the work is not good, the rest is not enough, and drinking too much water is very heavy. People with mouth are particularly prone to have a bulging double chin. The body is very thin and the little face is so big that it is a big size. This edema-type double chin does not have a dividing line between the two layers of chin. The flesh is directly attached to the chin and the contour of the chin, which is more like a swollen face. It is very disadvantageous.
As the skin becomes slack, the inelastic meat will slowly pile up in layers, drooping under gravity, and gradually double chin will come. This kind of skin-relaxed double chin is often more likely to be older, and may be possible if it is not well maintained.
How to get rid of the double chin?
The existence of the double chin greatly reduces the woman's face value. If you want to completely remove the double chin, you may need to do a medical beauty project. In daily life, we can also use some small methods to improve the state of the double chin.
1. Refuse to be a low-headed family
Nowadays, many young people have become low-headed people. They always stare at their mobile phones whenever they go. Long-term low-head movements will oppress the spinal nerves, and the skin around the neck will be squeezed and folded for a long time, slowly losing its elasticity. The double chin and the deep neckline are coming out. Therefore, you should pay attention not to play with your mobile phone for a long time, and you want to play attention and keep your neck stretched.
2, correct posture, head up chest
Those who are not in good shape often have easy double chins, because the chest-backed neck will push the neck forward, so that the chin and neck will not stretch for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a good posture habit, raise your head and stand straight, let the blood circulation keep unblocked, in order to reduce the fat accumulation of the neck skin.
3, develop correct breathing habits
Breathing also affects the contours of our face. If you breathe with your mouth, you will use your jaw for a long time. If you use too much skin, you will easily relax and grow your double chin. A foreign country has been breathing for too many years, and has succeeded in long-term disability. Therefore, you must maintain proper breathing habits, reduce your breathing with your mouth, and you can consciously control your breathing with your nose.
4, massage, stretch the jaw muscles
Usually, when we are in skin care, don't neglect the position of the lower jaw and neck, pat the skin care lotion, wipe the neck cream, and insist on daily massage to keep the skin firm and elastic, which can prevent and slow down the double chin. .