Extend Your Morning Skin Care Time To Make Your Skin More Effective Against Injury

In a fast-paced lifestyle, many girls will compress the time of skin care in time, and the various products will be smeared on the face as soon as they are finished. In fact, skin care time should be a rare and enjoyable experience. Pulling each step of skin care time and letting you relax and absorb it is the way to make skin care products work best.
Morning is a particularly stressful time. If you can try to leave your skin a few minutes early, try to open your day in 15 minutes. You usually use a lotion after applying cleansing to finish it in ten seconds, or if you use a cotton pad to rub it on a lap, it will be finished. In fact, letting the process last for two minutes will make the absorption more effective. Use a make-up piece to press the skin on each face to make the pores of each part clear. Also, gently pat and apply it, and then use the lotion after the lotion is dry. If the toner is not completely absorbed when it floats on the surface, apply the cream. If the water and oil are mixed together, the cream will stay on the surface and it will be difficult to enter.
When using cream, take full advantage of hot hands for massage. Massage will make your skin look better in the morning. For example, girls with easy edema and oil on their face are very important for activating skin and driving the metabolism of the face for a day. Don't forget the special care of the eye. The eye cream can improve the dark circles and eye bags under the eyes, and the card powder condition will be reduced.
Especially in the morning, it is sunscreen. Sunscreen especially needs time to wait. If the sunscreen is not formed, it will affect the sunscreen effect, and there is no way to follow the makeup.
Morning skin care is very important. During the day, our skin is more irritated than sleeping at night. The skin care product itself is like a layer of protection, which separates the dust from the outside and reduces the burden on the skin. At night, the repair can be made easier.