Cleansing oil use method, precautions for makeup removal

Make-up is a must-have for female friends. If you don’t wear makeup, you are embarrassed to go out. However, cosmetics usually contain various chemical ingredients. If you use them regularly, it will cause some damage to the skin. Therefore, you should remove makeup after going home. It is necessary to use cleansing oil, then how is the cleansing oil used?
First, the use of cleansing oil
1. Take a proper amount of cleansing oil from the cleansing cotton, close your eyes, let the makeup remover touch the makeup for a few seconds, then wipe it according to the order from top to bottom. Pay attention to the makeup of the eyelashes at the root of the eye. Don’t miss it.
2. After the eye part is wiped, remove the appropriate amount of cleansing oil from the cleansing cotton and start to remove the makeup from the mouth. At this time, start from the corner of the mouth, especially for some places with deeper lip lines. Ensure that the lipstick can be completely removed, but it should not be too hard to cause skin damage.
3, the use of cleansing oil can also be used to a certain amount after the palms are warm, apply the cleansing oil evenly on the face with your fingers and then use your fingers to massage from the inside out, from top to bottom to ensure the face The makeup itself floats completely and is cleaned with water.
Second, the precautions for makeup remover
1. Clean your hands before removing makeup to ensure that the bacteria in your hands are removed to avoid skin damage caused by bacteria on your hands.
2, in the process of removing makeup, gently wipe, can not use brute force, once the force is too large, it will cause damage to the skin, it is easy to cause the skin to be damaged by chemicals in bacteria or cosmetics.
3. When removing makeup, first remove the parts with heavy colors and different types of colors, and then clean other less parts.
4, the normal line should also be cleaned, otherwise it will cause infection and acne.
5. After the makeup remover is finished, clean it with a cleaning product that suits your skin.
6, clean the skin to use warm water, cold water is not easy to remove grease, and water temperature is too high will cause damage to the skin.
In general, the cleansing oil must be used in accordance with the correct makeup removal sequence to better perform the makeup removal work and better protect the skin. In the process of removing makeup, pay attention to the skin condition immediately. Stop, and once the makeup remover is completed, it should be cleaned with warm water in time. It is necessary to avoid the invasion of bacteria during the makeup removal process and cause infection.