Can You Wipe Your Face With A Paper Towel After Washing Your Face?

Can you wipe your face with a paper towel after washing your face? I believe that there are still many friends who don’t know how to wipe the face with a paper towel. Then the following small series will sort out some related content for everyone, so let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.
Can you wipe your face with a paper towel after washing your face?
Toilet paper can clog pores and is unsanitary. It is best to use a towel with good water absorption. Of course, the towel used for a long time is not clean, so pay attention to cleaning. Wash your face every time. Change the water. Rinse the towel. Keep it in a well-ventilated place. You can also wash it with soap or neutral detergent every week, then use hot water to boil it. It is best not to wait for the water to dry naturally, so that it will take away the water in the skin and dry the face, which is not good for the skin on the face.
Paper towel wipes: white paper towel with bleach
White paper towels on the market contain more or less chemicals such as fluorescent agents and bleaching agents. Long-term use can cause great damage to the skin. In addition, some paper towels are prone to powder dust and clog pores.
Natural dry: it will cause dry skin
The natural evaporation of water will take away the heat and moisture of the skin, making the skin cool, and the vasoconstriction will cause the skin to dry and peel, which is prone to wrinkles. If you continue this way for a long time, it will hurt your skin.
Wash your face and wipe it with a paper towel? not good!
Wipe clean with a cotton pad
The cotton pad has the function of absorbing water, which can absorb the water drops left on the face after cleansing, and drops some lotion on the cotton pad, which can enhance the effect of secondary cleaning. And the cotton pad is disposable, it won’t be used repeatedly, and there is no need to worry about bacteria, which can cause skin inflammation.
It is most convenient to wipe with a paper towel
It is most convenient to wipe your face with a paper towel after washing your face. It is also the face method commonly used by more than 80% of women. However, since some paper towels are prone to powder dust, they may clog the pores. Therefore, if it is used to wipe the face when purchasing, choose a paper towel with a good texture and a certain degree of humidity. Do not wipe the face directly with the paper of the butt.
Wipe with the most environmentally friendly
The reason why you don’t need to wipe your face after washing your face is mainly to consider repeated use. There are more bacteria on the towel. If you can boil water every day and often expose it to the sun, it is the most environmentally friendly to wipe your face with a towel. Moreover, the towel is relatively soft in texture and will not wear the skin during the wiping process.
What is the pain after washing your face?
Washing the face and rubbing the skin care products feels stinging, and there are some itching, redness, and suede. However, after ten minutes, it will be fine, but the face will gradually grow acne.
Reasons for tingling after washing your face:
1. Excessive exfoliation
2, short-term discomfort after changing a skin care product
3, allergic to a component of skin care products
4, skin care products have problems, irritating
5, the skin is too dry
In the third and fourth cases, it is recommended to do a test for sensitivity test on the wrist or behind the ear to confirm whether it is a problem with skin care products, or take it to the hospital for regular testing.
The first, second, and fifth species are actually a kind of short-lived phenomenon. Don’t panic, stop exfoliating, wait for the stratum corneum to repair itself, and do more hydrating mask, especially in the air-conditioned room. The air conditioner is blowing all day, and the humidifier must be placed in the air-conditioned room.
The cups on the table should always be prepared. No matter whether you are thirsty or thirsty, you should take a few mouthfuls from time to time, eat a fruit at rest time, apply a mask or something, and you can replenish your body.
Under normal circumstances, the reason why the skin care products are tingling after washing your face is because the facial skin is too water-poor. Studies have shown that the skin that is too water-poor has a small crack under the microscope, and it is easy to touch the skin care products. It will cause irritation, and the skin care products will be relieved a few times. If it is so long, it is likely to be an allergic phenomenon and should be stopped.