Can anti-wrinkle skin care products really delay aging?

Myth 1: Dry skin causes wrinkles?

When the skin is dry, it looks more “wrinkled”. Using a moisturizer can definitely make the dry skin look better, but no matter how much moisturizer is used, the real wrinkles will not disappear. Wrinkles are mainly caused by photoaging. Other causes include muscle activity, estrogen loss, loss of genetics and fat, and moisturizing creams are not true wrinkles. To really restore youthful skin, it is not enough to use moisturizers!

Myth 2: Choose skin care products according to age?

It is best to choose a product based on your skin and skin problems. Do not choose skin care products based on age. Age is not a skin type! It may be dry or oily skin at any age. It may also be plagued by skin problems such as acne, rosacea dermatitis, blackheads, wrinkles, etc. No matter what age group, products that solve these problems are it’s the same.

Myth 3: acne and wrinkles don’t happen at the same time?

Adult women, like young girls, will develop acne, and may not even grow up during puberty, but grow up when they are mature. Therefore, acne and wrinkles may occur at the same time. The safe and effective exfoliation can not only prevent acne, but also stimulate collagen production and relieve wrinkles.

Myth 4: There is no “magic” ingredient to deal with wrinkles

There is absolutely no miracle or magical formula in the cosmetics industry. The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Its needs are complex and there are no secrets or exclusive ingredients to meet all of these needs. Only use products rich in antioxidants and a variety of other ingredients to repair cell damage, protect against environmental damage, remove dead skin buildup, and more.

Myth 5: Skin care and cosmetic surgery are just as good?

Better than botox? Is it comparable to laser? The possibility is almost zero! No research has proven that skin care products can match cosmetic surgery in any way. Even if it is a botulinum toxin, if it is not injected into the muscles but just applied to the face, there will be no magical effect. External skin care products have many functions, but they also have their limitations. It is therefore best to use a well-prepared top-quality skin care product and then seek cosmetic surgery at the right time.

Myth 6: Is expensive products better than cheap ones?

This myth is most difficult to get rid of, because consumers can easily believe that “a market is a good thing.” More than 30 years of research experience tells us how much money is spent on skin care products and has nothing to do with product quality or formulation properties. We have seen expensive products, but the ingredients are nothing but water and wax; on the contrary, we have seen that the cheap product formula is excellent. The key to choosing a skin care product is not the price, but whether the formula and ingredients can withstand the scientific test.