Beauty and skin care methods

01. Do you want to drink salt water to detox after getting up in the morning?
Most people lose a lot of water in their bodies during sleep because of perspiration and urinary urination, and the blood concentration suddenly rises. At this time, if you drink salt water, it will cause severe dehydration in the body and may even lead to high blood pressure. Therefore, you should drink some boiled water under normal temperature after getting out of bed, and it is better to replenish the missing water in the body at the right time. Drinking boiled water can help your skin moisturize!
02. Drinking milk before going to bed is good for the skin.
Many people will improve their sleep quality by drinking milk before going to bed. In fact, milk also has the effect of relaxing nerves and long-term whitening. If you add a spoonful of honey to the milk, you can also help the skin moisturize and lock the water, and insist on one hour before going to bed. If you drink it, you will soon be able to create a beautiful skin.
03. Frequently replenishing a large amount of gelatin from food to maintain the skin
Most of the gums in food are decomposed by the digestive system, and the amount that can be absorbed is small. However, if you can continue to eat foods containing gelatin for a long time, you can still play a certain maintenance role. Chicken feet, fish skins, pig hands, etc., or bean products such as tofu and soy milk are rich in gum.
04. Can you lose weight and whiten by taking fruit instead of dinner?
Fruit is not a panacea. Eating only fruit can cause the body to lack many essential nutrients. In addition, fruits such as persimmons, oranges, sugar cane, and lychees that contain special ingredients should not be eaten on an empty stomach.
05. Regularly eating some dark chocolate can help the body resist the old
Dark chocolate is at least 50% less calorie than milk chocolate and contains a rich antioxidant. Moderate consumption of dark chocolate can help the body to swell and also delay aging.
06. Some ingredients can remove dark circles
Drinking tea bags, fresh apple slices, and gauze picking yoghurt can effectively promote blood circulation around the eyes, accelerate metabolism, and have a good effect on dark circles formed by day and night fatigue.
07. Tea can be used for beauty
The cooled light green tea can temporarily act as a lotion, which contains catechins that shrink pores and increase skin elasticity. Rose green tea with a little fruit vinegar and gently pat on the face, it can whiten and white spots. Use a small amount of berberine powder with cold green tea to clean the acne muscles, which can accelerate the maturation of acne and prevent more acne from breeding.
08. Taking aloe vera can quickly whiten?
Aloe vera does have a detoxifying effect and whitening effect, so many women will buy fresh aloe vera or aloe vera food for whitening. However, there are as many as 300 kinds of aloe varieties available on the market. Not all varieties are suitable for long-term and large-scale use. The US FDA and the Chinese Department of Health allow only five kinds of aloes to be eaten and medicinal: Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera, and Queen Aloe Vera, African Aloe Vera, and Aloe Vera. Because aloe vera also has the effect of diuresis, it is best not to try pregnant women.
09. Women need beer more than men
Beer contains a lot of vitamin B, sugar and protein. The tannic acid and picric acid contained in it can also help break down animal fat, so women need to drink beer in moderation more than men.
10. Wine can help you quickly whiten your skin
Red wine is rich in antioxidant polyphenols and anthocyanins with whitening effect. In addition to daily drinking, it can significantly improve skin tone. It can also be used as a self-made red wine mask for DIY. It should be noted that in wine. The alcohol content is irritating to the skin, so the mask should not be applied for more than 15 minutes each time, and it can be applied twice a week. Use sensitive skin with caution.
Beauty and skin care methods
11. Homemade home lip film can resist lip lines
There are fewer lip film products available on the market, and self-made lip film is a safe and convenient method. A small amount of lemon juice mixed with yogurt and applied to the lips can quickly restore the hydration and clearness of the lips.
12. Is the homemade cleansing product as good as the cleansing product purchased?
Washing your face with sake, washing your face with salt and other secret recipes is eager to try. Homemade food cleansing products often lack sufficient cleaning ability and should not be tried too much.
13. Eat more dark fruits
The darker the color of the fruit, the better the antioxidant effect. Like blackcurrant, grapes and other rich in antioxidants, it is an excellent anti-aging ingredient.
14. All black foods are nutritious and good for beauty and health.
Eating more black fruits is not about eating black food. Many dark foods such as strong tea and coffee will increase the burden of internal organs and lead to pigmentation.
15. More C more beautiful
Don’t be too convinced of advertising, excessive consumption of vitamin C-containing drinks will cause you to develop vitamin dependence, and may even cause osmotic diarrhea.
16. Nuts make skin more supple
The nuts contain linolenic acid and various vitamins to help the skin rebuild the water barrier, especially for dry skin. However, it is necessary to pay attention to eating more easily.
17. Frequent eating of fried foods will age the skin.
Deep-fried foods contain a lot of oxides that accelerate the aging of the skin, so hope that the skin is away from rough and dry wrinkles, so say goodbye to fried foods.
18. Drink more mineral water
Pure water does not have any nutrients and can destroy the acid-base balance in the body. Drink some minerals that are rich in minerals and weakly alkaline, and maintain good microcirculation in the body.
19. Drinking ice water often makes the skin dull
Even in the summer, please don’t drink more ice water. The ice water will stimulate the gastrointestinal system to make the skin tarnish. The warm water with a little honey will have the effect of moisturizing the intestines.
20. Eating beans regularly will make the skin smoother and more delicate.
Estrogen has a special effect on female beauty. Regular supplementation with a certain amount of estrogen can effectively delay aging. Soybeans and soy products contain a lot of phytoestrogens, and long-term supplements can make the skin smooth and delicate.